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  1. 🚨FREE Dynasty Points League🚨 πŸ†πŸ€πŸ†πŸ€πŸ†πŸ€πŸ†πŸ€ 8 Teams ESPN Default Scoring 6 Bench Spots 3 IR (for Covid) Drafting Friday Night 10:30pm EST 3 Spots Left!!!! https://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league/join?leagueId=1139060312&inviteId=70861d7f-c52a-486c-86d4-20d5a5714d40
  2. I’d like to have a Group Me Group too so we can offer advice for other leagues too. Please note, I believe the Thursday night points may apply to this week’s game. 2QBs 2Flex Full PPR https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=26669223&inviteId=95453630-b32f-49d3-9ff0-1f22834cfb28
  3. robin.nathaniel@gmail.com If there are spots available, i'm in!
  4. Team two please - robin.nathaniel@gmail.com
  5. Great questions. Standard scoring. 10 team league. Everything is managed from the sleep bot app. It will be a leaguesafe league.
  6. I've heard very good things about sleeper bot and want to try a draft on their format. There are no mocks so I'm trying to get a few owners to try it out with me. We can draft tonight if everyone signs up. The thing that appeals to people about sleeper bot is the draft board and the multi team trades. Seems really cool. If you want to keep the league going after the draft I'm down to make it a 20-35 dollar cash leaugue. Here re is the link: https://sleeperbot.com/i/LlKnwDel7JOW
  7. Hey Folks, I want to organize a draft tonight @8pm est. $25 seems reasonable. Winner takes all!!!! Please post your email address and once we get 10 teams I will send out the invites. Once all payments are collected, we can draft. League safe. I hope we can make it happen!!!! Let me know if you have questions.
  8. Do you still need owners? robby.radcliffe@gmail.com if you do. I'm in. What time do we draft?
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