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  1. I have Higgens and I'm excited about the future, but from what I understand CIN coaching staff told Burrow to stay away from AJ Green and Darius Slay for most of the game. Maybe this kind of usage continues and Green is a glorified decoy, but it's worth noting. Ideally, this team realizes their ceiling this year is 4-12, they ship AJ before the trade deadline to a contender, and they go all in on their young squad to see what they have. It may be in the works already based on the peripheral numbers.
  2. As of Thursday, Mostert still not practicing.
  3. He converted a 3rd and 31 for a 1st down. Even if Mostert was healthy Jet would be getting more looks in the week to come. His touches thus far have 100% been easing him into live-action because he's missed two years. Every single time he gets a touch he's produced with it and they'll ramp up his opportunities. Now paired with the lead back going down for what may be multiple weeks and you'd be blind not to see the upside. He's a 15 touch RB in an elite run offense RoS. My only real concern is how well the offense moves w/o Jimmy G now.
  4. Certain coaches you just trust to put ego aside and just do what's best for the personnel they're given by the GM. McVay is one of them, and Goff is just better when Kupp is on the field. They'll put their best players in the best situation to succeed and any narrative that says he won't is just misguided. Not every coach is like that though.
  5. Just remember what the consensus was on Mostert week 1 of last season. If you're looking for upside, 15 touches in high-value situations in this offense is it.
  6. I trust in KS's system for RB production. His RBs got 35+ touches most weeks despite a very low (<10%) target share. I believe he very much wants a dual-threat RB to maximize run-after-catch style and McKinnon's running skillset favored the same heavy-zone approach KS uses. Throw in the fact that McKinnon is free this year and the notable injuries for almost every other 49er receiver and I think JM will have, at minimum, 12-15 touch potential as the COP/3rd down back in an elite running offense. On the literal first day of free agency for his first year coaching the 9ers KS went out and got
  7. I realize for most WRs snap count is a big deal. But in games last year where Kupp played under 80% snaps he outperformed when he played over 80%. McVay is on record talking about this relationship and specifically wants to 'keep his WRs sharp'. When Kupp is on the field he gets targeted and his production is well established.
  8. Let's be real here: rookie rushing qb behind a terrible offensive line he's gonna have a minimum of 40 yards/game just from scrambles, aka Josh Allen.
  9. What's his ADP these days? QB8-9? That's ~ 20 ppg based on https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/reports/leaders/qb.php Let's give him 230 passing, 1 td, 55 yards rushing, and a rushing td every 4 games (0.25/g). That's...... 9+4+5.5+1.5 = 20 ppg. Rushing QBs are the Konami code. Does that per game projection seem generous or conservative to you? I'd say he's priced about right and has significant upside. Your mileage may vary.
  10. Think this is the year where you take a dart throw at Eifert, Reed, Walker, and Olsen in the 13th. If they don't work out, there's Fant, Waller, Herndon, Drissley, etc on the waivers. It's a garbage TE pool after H.Henry but it's a DEEP garbage pool.
  11. And let's be honest: if Gurley gets even 220 carries and 50 receptions he's still probably scoring 14 touchdowns minimum and that's enough for RB12. And that's probably his floor with a split load.
  12. Completely agree on Chubb. If he gets passing down work (which it looks like he will) he's gonna be top six. They'll move the ball well.
  13. Doubt M.Williams gets to 80 catches. He needs 12+ tds to be top 12 and HH is back. Week in and out you probably hate starting him because his production is so focused on TDs.
  14. ABs a HOF talent but his success is as a timing WR. He's had zero practice with Carr, who's terrified to challenge good coverage and has the lowest downfield throw % in the league (10.4 IIRC). I'd say 9 in 10 WRs who change teams mid-year have zero impact on that new team, with Amari Cooper last year being the exception. AB is effectively doing exactly that as he's a timing/route WR with no experience with Carr whatsoever. Throw in the fact that we know nothing about the severity of the injury, if it'll persist and Gurley him at any time, and the general lack of promise in Oakland, and that's
  15. Completely agree. The new thinking in personnel is position packages that don't telegraph your intent and can swap on the fly to maximize matchups. Having Horward on the field was driving Nagy nuts because he felt he was always showing his hand and not creating advantages. Monty is draft capital Nagy spent, fits the identity of his offense, and should only improve over the course of the year. The bears have a solid defense, they just need to control clock, minimize errors, and move the chains on O.
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