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  1. wow this situation is messy.... i have both Howard and Breida. Howard is starting for me this week. We might see deandre washington in the mix as well next week.
  2. exactly. if Mixon were on IR, it would be a totally different story. However, I look at the Michael Thomas situation. They expected him back since week 5. It's what makes me so hesitant to drop him. Plus if Mixon suffers a setback when he comes back, Gio's an instant RB2 ROS
  3. is he a drop now that he's injured ?
  4. i'm going to have to drop due to bye weeks. not a mixon owner, if they weren't playing the Steelers, then I would hold. but even if i had to start Gio vs Pit, that matchup would scare me.
  5. Very torn on if Ervin or Dexter is worth a start. I'm leaning towards Dexter. Looks like Ervin is more of a scat back being that he's a converted WR and being 5-10 192, it's kinda small for a RB. Dexter does fit the prototype better. Dexter might be worth a shot being that he's an unknown (meaning that it doesn't mean he can't produce) and he's in one of the best offenses in the league. He could very well get goal line carries. Ervin might do decent in full PPR, but he's been in the league for several years, i wouldn't expect a high ceiling. I would expect around 6-7 points for Ervi
  6. I don't see the packers giving up an early round pick for a WR.
  7. picked up Kerryon. Figured it's harder to fight for a RB on waivers than it is a WR. Also, it's harder to predict which one of the Texans WRs get traded if any.
  8. same here. there's still time though. not sure what to root for but since I own Kenny G, I say I hope the trade doesn't go through and let it happen in the offseason.
  9. Don't konw if this was posted https://giantswire.usatoday.com/2020/10/29/new-york-giants-detroit-lions-discussed-kenny-golladay-trade/ This would kill Golladay's value. Even though the Giants will be throwing alot, I don't think the Giants o-line will give Jones the time to throw it to him.
  10. I don't think it'll be that much. The Eagles sound like they need a deep threat and wanted D-Jax to be that guy. Now that D-Jax is out, Reagor is set for that role.
  11. I would but the guy who has Wentz is in 3rd place. plus I don't think he'll be as giving with Rbs It would be helping him out. While the guy who has Brees is in 3rd to last
  12. I also agree. And unless you can get Chubb at a big discount, I would stay away.
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