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  1. I'd pick up Davis. He's pretty much plug and play for the next month in your flex spot.
  2. I was up 12 with Jacobs. My opponent has Waller. I'm now up by .5. Thought I had this in the bag...
  3. I drafted Wentz and took a flier on Minshew late. I started Wentz, which is fine since I'll still win my match up, but nice to know I should be able to reliably start Minshew going forward.
  4. I dont usually ask for help here, but I need this win to make the playoffs. Ingram has a tough matchup against the 49ers but Damien is out for KC. Though that could open the door for the other Williams so I'm completely perplexed. Any suggestions?
  5. Sitting at 4-4 in a 14 team league. 7th place and top 6 make the playoffs. I go up against the first place team who is 6-2. Teams 2 through 6 are all 5-3. I destroy the first place team but every 5-3 team wins. Sucks having the 3rd most points in the league and sitting on the outside with each week a must win. I have well over 100 more points than the 6 seed, too, but dude keeps winning like 85 to 83.
  6. I have Cooks and my entire team scored 64 points, lol. Still would have won had I started Murray over Singletary.
  7. What are you talking about? How can you say he hasn't been good if he's averaging 5.4 ypc? I get the limited number of carries but it would be much more accurate to say he's played well but hasn't had a huge role.
  8. [...] If it weren't for the Bears I'd be confident firing him up. But I saw the Bears shut down Cooks without Hicks. Then the week after they get punched in the mouth by Jacobs without Hicks. I kinda think the Bears defense want to prove that game against Oakland was a fluke so I'm leaning towards sit.
  9. 26, 10, 28, 30, 19, 31. That's how many points opposing defenses have scored against KC this year. Meanwhile, McManus was averaging 10 a game. Thought I was safe for 7 to 10 points.
  10. Not that I hope for injuries, but Mahomes going down really helped me as I was projected to lose by 20 and he fell 20 short of his projected. But McManus made sure that wouldn't hold up.
  11. Ok that makes more sense. But the person who started this originally stated he doesn't start a kicker "most weeks." Post 2 of this thread. But I understand the logic now.
  12. I'm not quite understanding your math or your logic. So if you have a roster full of undroppable players, you're going to drop a kicker for a potential one or two week replacement, as is the case in the Gurley example you cited? And since your team is loaded with studs, you're purposely leaving points off the board for a player you're not even starting? Now to the math. How is not rostering a kicker costing only 1.4 points a week? Even at the low end a kicker will average 5 points a week. Obviously every game isn't close, but in my 14 team league this week 2 games were decided by 5 p
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