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  1. Interested in ether team too. Would prefer slightly the Harden one if still available tasosdedes@yahoo.gr
  2. I can have the second team if available tasosdedes@yahoo.gr
  3. It is obvious that you are all trying to support this league because it is made to be played between friends and promise fake rewards. Not only I have never been kicked by another league but I don't use the name tassodar anywhere too. You only make your self look rediculous and make the whole situation even funnier. I have really started to enjoy it. Are you that smart to connect a Rotoworld nickname with a name that someone has used in a league and that is so common to use? I feel sorry for people with such low IQ. BTW no one has told me what has happened but if I am not mistaken I am not acc
  4. Last thing and I won't bother to loose anymore time. I don't know what you did after the league ended, I don't know what you accuse me of, I have no clue which trade you think was a collusion and ofc I know that I won't get any prize. I know that you care the least but just know that you did a mistake here. I don't know anyone in the league, I never did something against the rules and I spent a lot of time in the league not only for the prize but because it was a good league. I only won because I was if not the most active player at least as active as anyone else and because I want to believe
  5. Anyway you have already taken your stupid decision that you base to nothing at all. It is also very convinient to call someone cancer on the internet hidden behind a PC and I am sure you wouldn't dare to tell it to anyone's face. This shows your level and integrity. You really made a bad decision here. For me it is just a game and I will find other leagues to play and win fair as I did with yous but I really hope that I won't meet any other commissioner like yourself. Next time if you think someone is collunder because I can only guess that this is why you are accusing me, discuss it with the
  6. Honestly this is the first time I am facing this so many years I am playing fantasy. You accuse me of something and not even tell me what it is. Was I a cheater? A collunder? And if I was any of them what exactly I did?
  7. You said that you caught me. I still don't know what you caught me of doing. What did I do that made me collunder or cheater?
  8. Robert you never told me what I did. You said that you checked the IPs. I know that o never cheated so I would really appreciate a screen shot where I have the same IP with anyone else. As far as I know I was the only one living outside of the USA. Most of the times I was even online when no one else was online because of the time difference. Give me one proof that I did something wrong....
  9. I can understand if Robert is furstrated because someone cheated but I try to contact him for over a month and he does not respond. I certainly didn't cheat and i certainly won the league. I know that this is not the best way but except from this forum I don't have another way to get in touch with him. And to runninrebels if you indeed you were referring to my team 1st of all I wasn't kicked as far as I know and what did I do that was collusion? The last thing I know from Robert is that someone was cheating and that indeed he kicked some people. I was still in the league when he did that
  10. My team was Jazz/Utah. I was never kicked. I played in the final with that Cavs team till the end. I just know that someone cheated but I wasn't given more details.
  11. Hi Robert, I've just won your NBA league that had a prize too and because you claim that someone else cheated you don't respond to any of my emails for a month now. Of course I haven't received any prize. Are the prizes for real or just a misleading advertisement? No matter what is happening to your leagues I think you should at least respond to people that spent so much time in your league and show some respect
  12. Invite if there is still a spot tasosdedes@yahoo.gr. Very active
  13. I could take the team if it is still available. I will be very active and I play fantasy for many years tasosdedes@yahoo.gr
  14. Could you try again cause usually I get the invitation immediately but I don't see anything yet? Email is tasosdedes@yahoo.gr Maybe you used the dot after the .gr before
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