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  1. 26 minutes ago, CooL said:

    Gotta admit I'm worried.  But I've watched this cat perform on my bench for the last two weeks.  Going to be mad if I sit him a third week and he does well again.  Snow of course is a concern, as is the possibility they just allow Howard to run it the whole game.  I have to think though that Mitch will have to throw the ball at least a little, and the short pass to Wright is a higher percentage play.

    really considering other options (although I don't have much)  i keep remembering that game that I started Benjamin in that blizzard , although he salvaged his day with a TD

  2. 33 minutes ago, Panthor said:


    now we just need a full week of no set backs.  don't need anything else to cloud the issue

    I think Rodgers himself was ready for at least 2-3 weeks now as he's been throwing more publicly as the weeks moved on.  I personally think if he was eligible  to come off of IR in week 14 or 13, he could have done so and played earlier

  3. Why is it even a discussion about NOT starting him?  Every year he's the 1 or 2 consensus overall QB drafted.  I see him even getting drafted in the 1st round in some leagues.  I bet these guys wouldn't even consider benching him ....unless of course it's a brutal matchup against a stonewall D (like Brady vs Denver last year)

  4. Again, look at the stats after the bye week.  43 touches for RBs against San Fran (although 27 against Seattle)  It's feasible to think it will happen if game script allows it, and if DJ is out there game scripts should be a bit better.  I definitely could see them both in the backfield together (and with a lack of QB talent playing) with the running/receiving threat of   DJ and running threat of AP

    27 minutes ago, WakaJawaka said:

    Uh, what? 45 touches between the two?


    27 minutes ago, smeeze said:


    You think the Cardinals are going to give their RBs 35-45 touches per game?



  5. 5 minutes ago, ozark said:

    That’s right you’re not a medical expert. You’re a hopeful AP owner. 


    I am but the facts speak for themselves.   Besides, If DJ DOES come back this year, I think we'll still see AP getting 20-25 touches a game and DJ getting 15-20.

  6. He's not coming back, even his coach doesn't think so.  I'm not a medical expert but i think he's at least a month away from putting on a jersey.  Add some more time to get used to taking contact and he's pretty much gone until week 16 at best which is a huge gamble to start him.  Given the team's situation, it's risky of them to rush him back even though DJ wants to play which is why he's more likely to be out for the season.

  7. Great news for AP owners.  Doesn't look like DJ will be back this season.



    David Johnson (injured reserve) said his surgically-repaired wrist is "still pretty weak."

    "I’m pretty stiff. I’m still getting the range of motion," Johnson said. "But I'm making progress." Johnson had his cast removed this week, but he still has stitches in which complicate his rehab. Johnson said he hopes to return "soon," but it seems unlikely he will be back in time to help fantasy owners this season.


  8. I'm definitely stashing.  Cleveland should be passing alot.  Yeah Kizer isn't playing well, but he didn't have any decent receivers to throw to.  Coleman is a great talent and should make good on lots of targets.  I really thought he made some great catches in the Steeler game (with a TD catch in traffic) plus a great catch vs TB in preseason



  9. 6 hours ago, MoonBlaster said:

    Wow,  I know it's common knowledge but man is Drew Stanton bad. His skittish accuracy drains APs value.


    There's enough evidence to suggest AP is a clear match up dependent start going forward.. The volume is there but there is no need to get cute with putting him in your line up unless you have to

    Starting to think this too but I have him as a flex and his upside is way to big to sit, even if he is boom or bust


    1 hour ago, NeroVendict said:

    You sound salty.


    He won that football game by making that catch. Go eat your words now haha

    he might have won the football game but he won't win many fantasy games.  I think this is one of those got talent but not the volume situations.  I'd love to hold, but might be better taking a flier on some else.  this looks like it'll be a headache all season

  11. 5 minutes ago, CrastersCreep said:

    The cowboys are in the business of winning games. They will use whatever RB shows he’s most capable.  


    We already know what Alf and McFadden are. Alf is a plodder and kind of a throw back/old school RB that doesn’t offer much big play potential or any reviving chops. McFadden has not been a good player for a while and the fact he’s been a healthy scratch and is now listed 3rd on the depth chart is indicative of how the team feels about it. I would suggest not reading into “his relationship with Jerry”, the fact of the matter is JJ wants to win football games, Jason Garrett wants to win football games, they are still in the mix and could conceivably make the playoffs. 


    Rod Smith seems to have shown really well in practice and his teammates gush about him. It appears he has a role carved out being their 3rd down back. I do believe the cowboys want to turn the backfield over to one guy and if I were a betting man that guy would be Smith. He has an amazing opportunity to seize the job as a feature back behind an elite line on one of the best offenses in football. Everything I’ve read on him has been very encouraging,


    This guy is absolutely worth a stash and could pay off huge. Much rather have him on my bench then a lot of guys.




    True, except that DMC was though to be a bust before he came to Dallas and put up 1400 total yards in 2015.  IMO, he hasn't done much simply because he wasn't needed because of Zeke.  I'm not saying that he will go back to 2015.  I'm just saying don't count out DMC because of that, and the relationship with JJ (yes that definitely helps when PT is up for grabs)

  12. Just now, dudewithabadcat said:


    This is nice and everything but with every organization whether it is sports or not - there are expectations, relationships, and all sorts of other variables that derive to a particular conclusion.  Even if it were determined Smith was the best back - I don't know if we would see him starting or ever starting.  At this point, it is a three sided coin that you are flipping.  This situation is as clear as mud at the moment. 

    i definitely agree which is why I said earlier that we may see more DMC first since he's JJ's boy

  13. Dont' know if this was posted but I like what I read....





    Rod Smith played a ton in preseason and he looked like a skilled and powerful back when running or receiving the football. He did a nice job of staying alive against Green Bay and Dak Prescott found him for a third-down conversion deep in Packers territory.

    Smith makes a lot of sense as a lead-back for Dallas. His tough-running style is the closest replication of what Elliott brings to this team in short yardage and he also offers the most-complete package among the group when aggregating running, receiving and pass protection duties into one player.

    For fantasy, this is merely projection at this point. However, if you aren’t sold on Morris, the Smith speculation may not cost nearly as much as Morris.

    Smith is a definite boom-or-bust option, but should figure into the offense regardless of who starts as the Cowboys enter the softest portion of their schedule and figure to try to dominate with their running attack.


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