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  1. he's not inactive....anyone starting him?
  2. I wouldn't start him this week even though I'm desperate but I'm definitely following him. Imo. The Bengals D is good enough so that they won't need to pass that much this game against a bad team My prediction is 3/56 on 4 targets
  3. i'm curious why, even with the lack of targets he's gotten
  4. I can also go with D. Washington or a TE like Dickson, Kittle, or VD at flex
  5. he's hurt and didn't practice much these past few days
  6. I'm in a 12 team redraft 1/2 ppr. With bye weeks/injuries, i'm very thin at WR and flex. I currently have amendola and fowler in there as WR2 and flex, although it looks like amendola is likely to get dropped due to his injury. So do I keep fowler in there? Also i need to replace amendola as well The other "top" choices are Moncrief Richardson/Lockett Deonte Thompson Golladay Goodwin Lafell Torrey Smith Tyrell Williams etc....
  7. Led the team in receiving last week...worth a streaming start (as Rotoworld suggested) with all the byes?
  8. I heard he's just a slot guy . If that's the case, it doesn't necessarily mean that he gets more looks because Sanders is out.....does it?
  9. i hope so too. I'm not even starting him if he plays since I think this is going to be a low scoring game and he probably won't score many fantasy points this week
  10. i'm actually thinking of taking a chance and starting him over galliday. Seems like it would be worth the risk with all the bye weeks/ injuries but every time I think about it, I see that he's so deep on the depth chart
  11. I can understand taking a chance and stashing him... definitely not over CD though. We at least know how he'll be used, plus the Titans really need him there
  12. I don't understand exactly what the hype is about. I'm not trying to be negative, but isn't this the 3Rd wr on a running team with bortles as the qb?
  13. Anyone concerned about the weather in the winter months? I passed on Lutz to pick him up because I also have Wentz
  14. i'm sorry if this is OT but what is equal trade value for him - roughly. And is he a WR3 or more than that?
  15. i meant to say - he was coming back from injury..
  16. i'm not really sure how to view this one. it's his first game back, so i would think they're easing him back. At the same time, they just said they want to give Charles more touches.
  17. I'm really tempted to pick him up now instead of fighting for him on the WW or hoping he slips through if he has a good game. Don't know if the weather will affect him much this week
  18. was hoping to trade him , now it looks like his trade value is little to none.
  19. the thing that's concerning is that he only caught 3 targets out of 8 and for only 21 yards
  20. he's just coming off of injury, so he deserves a chance. The fact that he was targeted in the endzone was promising. i'll give it a couple a games and review then if the targets / pt increase and if not, then I can drop...and lost close to nothing
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