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  1. On 10/27/2017 at 4:17 PM, Impreza178 said:

    Richardson I’m playing for sure.   He’s been surprisingly steady.  


    Then its probably Golladay with Tate gimpy 


    On 10/27/2017 at 4:49 PM, Rush2112 said:



    On 10/27/2017 at 4:25 PM, dcghost said:

    Richardson is a nice option. Potentially Golladoday.

    i'm curious why, even with the lack of targets he's gotten

  2. I'm in a 12 team redraft 1/2 ppr.  With bye weeks/injuries, i'm very thin at WR and flex.  


    I currently have amendola and fowler in there as WR2 and flex, although it looks like amendola is likely to get dropped due to his injury.   So do I keep fowler in there?  Also i need to replace amendola as well


    The other "top" choices are 



    Deonte Thompson




    Torrey Smith

    Tyrell Williams


  3. 17 minutes ago, Impreza178 said:

    You would be crazy to start any Denver wr besides DT.    They can’t protect and Siemian is hearing footsteps big time.   


    Taylor will play on the outside opposite DT and is just as good of a bet to get targets as Fowler.    


    You can do better 

    the sad thing is some of us cant :(

  4. 3 hours ago, iretirefromfantasy said:

    I hope they rest him this week and bring him back week 9 if he is not 100%.

    i hope so too.  I'm not even starting him if he plays since I think this is going to be a low scoring game and he probably won't score many fantasy points this week

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