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  1. I don't understand why all the AP hate to the point where I read that people wont even spend their WW pick on him!  I get it, he's not he AP of old but he has 3 things going for him.   

    Firstly He's determined - I don't think the Saints would have traded him if AP didn't have anything to do with it.  He was clearly unhappy there and was outspoken about it.  He wants to be the main guy.  Secondly an NFL team traded for him, so the cardinals must think he's worth something  and he can produce .  3rd, he's a starting RB in the 10th ranked offense in the league. Granted he won't be there on 3rd downs, but 15-20 touches a game with GL work is reasonable  What else could people ask for, for free!?


  2. good thing i held .  :D


    I think AP is determined to show that he's not some guy who has nothing left as evident by him being outspoken about playing time.  LT was willing to accept a backup role when he signed with the Jets  and i don't remember him complaining.   Some vets just know they're done.  AP doesn't, and I think (as someone here said before) that because he's the main guy now you'll see him run hard.  That alone i think is worth at least rb2 value here

  3. 18 minutes ago, Dylanfan66 said:

    Gronk is out for tonight.  Not sure if I should flex murray or Danny in a full point ppr.  Tough call?


    i'm also not sure about him as a flex.  have jaron brown going instead.  It just scares me that he didn't do much last week until late in the game

  4. Quote

    Speaking Monday, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said Chris Johnson could move up the depth chart for Week 3.

    Johnson was easily the Cardinals' best runner in Sunday's narrow win over the Colts. He should get the first chance to establish the hot hand in Week 3 against the Cowboys, but Kerwynn Williams is unlikely to be phased out altogether. A washed Andre Ellington will do his best to change the pace. If at all possible, the situation is best avoided in fantasy leagues.


  5. I picked up CJ on the logic that none of the top 2 other backs on the roster are true "starting" Rb-types .  Williams is 5' 8 198 and Ellington is 5' 9 199 .  CJ has to get SOME carries, and if he has something left, we'll either see it right away or not, making him an easy drop in a week or 2

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