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  1. Bernard led the backfield in touches last week. Is he worth a roster spot? Could it be when the Bengals start scoring some points then he could have better games?
  2. I picked up Smallwood just to see what happens since that Eagles backfield is still wide open
  3. that is a definite concern. Another thing to consider is that if the Landry trade rumors are true, then it's possible for a few weeks they could try to throw to him more to showcase him for a trade
  4. too bad we'll have to wait until week 2 to see
  5. I like him too but he's injury prone which is why they signed Lacy
  6. I think i'll end up having a better trade when RB injuries/ flops start. that's when i'll land my WR
  7. Yes. And I didn't see much sense in stacking Wr in the draft when I can trade or get wr in the ww
  8. I know Wr is thin. I just saw better value at rb. I'm banking on Parker breaking out and Marvin returning some value IMO. If adams is consistent enough and I get the right guy in the WW, I should be ok,.....right?
  9. 12 team PPR redraft.. Start 1 qb 2 rb 2wr flex #6 pick 6 points for all TDs Qbs - Rothlisberger Wentz Rbs M.Gordon Gurley Lynch ( will start at Flex) Lacy C.Carson AP Smallwood J. Williams ( from Gb) Wrs D.Adams D. Parker Marvin Jones Te- Olsen K- Lutz Giants D/ sp. Teams
  10. yeah, but SOMEONE has to replace Edelman . Also, Edelman wasn't exactly an all pro either and neither was Wes Welker
  11. depends if you drafted WR with your 1st pick or not. but I would say it's a tossup between him and howard. I would maybe give Gurley the edge here. I drafted him after going RB in round 1 with Baldwin, Cooks, dez still on the board since I felt the upside for Gurley was too good to pass up, and the floor is pretty safe
  12. http://www.latimes.com/sports/rams/la-sp-rams-gurley-20170902-story.html As a Gurley owner, this has me hopeful
  13. so much for the "draft Mccoy because he has a good handcuff " argument. whoever said not to draft an Rb based off the handcuff. kudos to you
  14. I picked him with the idea if stashing him. He'll still get touches because Ty can't handle a full workload. It's only a matter of time before he gets hurt.
  15. Anyone taking a flier on him? Could be a stash or a WW add a few weeks in. Imo once he learns the offense, he could be the slot man and be a faster version of Edelman
  16. whats the earliest round that makes sense to take him?
  17. Mike Williams activated from PUP Hurts Tyrell's fantasy status?
  18. if the colts are competing yes, good value here. If he was my RB3 or even 4, yes. But at this point, he's my RB5 and wouldn't even start for me. IMO, it would probably make more sense to draft players with the potential to produce more higher-end numbers rather than 7-8 points a game with the occasional TD
  19. His numbers without Luck are not good. And with the coaches and Owner being vague with Lucks' status i would avoid as this team is clearly not trying to compete. Even in the 8th round, i feel like it's a wasted pick
  20. good team. idk who was available 3rd/4th, but maybe another solid WR instead of Montgomery would have been a better choice, but if you start a flex you should be ok.
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