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  1. 11 hours ago, Experienced Rookie said:

    If it all goes according to plan, it could be really damn fun to watch. For all his faults, Cutler is an entertaining player. If he fires 135 targets Parker's way, it could be terrific. 


    However, I'm not sold just yet that Landry is getting pushed aside. Remember, he has far outperformed Parker for 2 years straight now, and it's not because he's some savvy vet. He's only a couple years older than Parker. 


    It feels like the public has made up their mind right now. Landry was Tannehill's type of WR. Parker is Cutler's type. I won't be surprised if it ends up being all hype though. Both Landry and Parker have their moments. Some good games back and forth, but neither of them ends up being a great player for your lineup for the entire season. 

    that is a definite concern.  Another thing to consider is that if the Landry trade rumors are true, then it's possible for a few weeks they could try to throw to him more to showcase him for a trade

  2. yeah, but SOMEONE has to replace Edelman .   Also, Edelman wasn't exactly an all pro either and neither was Wes Welker

    On 9/3/2017 at 5:01 PM, CooL said:

    Lots of people stashing this guy - most added guy on Yahoo and I'm wondering if those are all from 20 team leagues.  Just so many mouths to feed on the Pats.  Same old mantra that we've always heard.  It's not as if this guy is Randy Moss.  I have a hard time believing that he will all of a sudden become an all pro. 


  3. 1 hour ago, scheibler said:

    How high us too high to draft this guy? 


    depends if you drafted WR with your 1st pick or not. but I would say it's a tossup between him and howard.  I would maybe give Gurley the edge here. I drafted him after going RB in round 1 with Baldwin, Cooks, dez still on the board since I felt the upside for Gurley was too good to pass up, and the floor is pretty safe

  4. 6 hours ago, Nap Time said:


    He's a great runner, the best on the roster.  The only thing holding him back is blitz pickup and injuries.

    I picked him with the idea if stashing him. He'll still get touches  because Ty can't handle a full workload.  It's only a matter of time before he gets hurt. 

  5. Mike Williams activated from PUP

    Hurts Tyrell's fantasy status?  


    Chargers activated first-round WR Mike Williams (back) from the PUP.
    Williams is not going to play in the season opener, but the move means the Chargers believe the No. 7 overall pick will be ready before Week 7. Even when he gets back on the field, it is difficult to imagine Williams having a big role after missing all of the offseason program and training camp. He does not need to be drafted in standard-sized redraft leagues. Per Chargers beat writer Jack Wang, the team's "hope" is Williams will play in "Week 4 or Week 5.


  6. 12 hours ago, kdpat15 said:

    i got gore in the 8th in my draft....honestly don't see this as a wasted pick bro. He is gonna get 15-20 carries regardless and he looked fresh in preseason.


    if the colts are competing yes, good value here.  If he was my RB3 or even 4, yes.  But at this point, he's my RB5 and wouldn't even start for me.  IMO, it would probably make more sense to draft players with the potential to produce more higher-end numbers rather than 7-8 points a game with the occasional TD

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