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  1. 24 minutes ago, wecj3381 said:

    I might have passed on Gurley and went WR in the second, but it's all preference.  If you think he's gonna bounce back, then it's fine going RB in the first two rounds.  


    As for your 3rd round pick, I don't have a problem taking a 3rd RB to start the draft, but I don't think the options are worth it when you can get guys just as productive(Hunt, Anderson, Ingram) later.  What about taking a TE or QB?  Probably a little early for Aaron Rogers or a guy like Travis Kelce(decent pick in a 1/2 pt PPR), but neither is likely to make it back to you in the 4th round.  I think I'd rather have an elite at one of those positions then reach for a WR or RB, when I think there is plenty of depth at both spots later.  





    Top 3 qbs are gone..kelce is there. That could be an interesting pick but way too early for a TE not named gronk But I'm targeting graham, Olsen, or Reed in the 5th

  2. 2 hours ago, Axe Elf said:

    You're thinking about passing on T.Y. Hilton in the third round of a 12 team draft?


    Luck's gonna miss like a week or two.  And even if he DIES, Hilton is still the reigning NFL receiving yards leader--AND you already have two stud RBs!  (Although reaching for Gordon when you should have McCoy is going to cost you.)


    Do the math.

    Imo. I think luck is done for at least half the year. He may even have to retire.  Hilton will probably have 1,000 yards and 5-6 TDs.  I can get that a round later. Any other ideas?  

  3. I picked 5th in a 12 team league. 1/2 ppr. with a flex.  We take breaks every couple of rounds.


    Picked Gordon, then Gurley (passed on cooks, baldwin)   Top 3 Qbs off the board, best WRs available are TY (although Luck's health is a BIG concern for me)  Pryor, Allen, D. Thomas  - all not worth taking this early IMO


    RBs available are Lynch, Crow, Hyde, etc....  Am I crazy for thinking of taking a 3rd RB (even though i would start him as a flex) ?  I don't really see much value here. 

  4. 28 minutes ago, Br0kenB said:

    The worst part is taking Coleman. I had to take him in R6 to be safe.

    ouch!!  personally i'm staying away from coleman this year.  costs too much and i don't think he'll have standalone value like he did last year.  Possibly could trade for him when his owner gets frustrated 

  5. He's returning to practice today.  Sounds like he was in the concussion protocol because the Falcons wanted to cover themselves.   

    from http://Quinn said that it is more of a precautionary measure than anything else


    "He reportedly had some concussion symptoms," Quinn said of the medical staff's evaluation. "So we put him in the protocol for that...



    Quinn said that it is more of a precautionary measure than anything else


    My friend just came back from Atlanta and said it was VERY hot, so I could believe them when they say it was heat related.  In the NFL nowadays with the concussion stuff, it's now CYA

  6. i think this is the first time in my fantasy career that i might have to go WR in the 1st round, and maybe even WR in the 2nd.    sucks, but that's just the way it is this year, but there's too much WR value in the 4th-6th rounds though.   

  7. 11 minutes ago, KennyWoo said:

    This is yet another guy who I was excited about when the price was low and will be avoiding now that he's priced at his ceiling. People are talking about taking him in the first round to the mid-3rd? Count me out.


    mid 3rd, maybe.  only because he has Rb1 potential.  

  8. 9 minutes ago, Ace_King said:


    That is my inclination. People act like Watkins 1) played regularly last year 2) produced when he actually played. Is Matthews/Jones a massive downgrade from a hobbled Watkins/Woods? That's the real question, not a theoretically healthy Watkins. Where you value McCoy relative to Freeman and Gordon depends on your answer to that.  (For all his faults J. Matthews has been durable in his career.)



    Yeah that's his floor. I would note he had a minor injury that year that appeared to slow him, especially early in the season. 


    2014 and 2012 are why I am not too afraid. His talent is such that his floor is still back-end RB1 production, even on a bad team like the 2012 Eagles. His ceiling is what we saw last year and in 2013 and 2011. 


    i hear ya,,, but i just don't think the TD opportunities will be there.  The yards will be, but the since the Bills will be worse this year, the TDs might not

  9. Just now, ShowStopper said:

    I see bills don't have many weapons if at all outside of McCoy. But they still supposedly have a strong offensive line. Preseason overreaction? 

    that's what i'm wondering.  I'd like to have mccoy on my team and hope he does well but I just can't do it.  I think he may have a similar year to his 2014 when he had about 1400 yards and 5 TDs

  10. On 8/25/2017 at 7:48 PM, Tenner said:

    People with picks 5 through 7 please chime in. 


    What is your plan to get a RB1 within the first 3 rounds? Are you guys hoping one slips to 18-20 in the 2nd round? I just don't see many options. 





    i'm scratching my head over this. , it was way more simple before OBJ got hurt.  I'm hoping Julio slips to me (#5 in a 1/2 ppr), but if not, then i'll either draft Freeman or AJ Green.  Coming back, if gurley isn't there, i might have to go 2 WR if I draft Freeman as I don't like the tier of Crowell, Fornette, Lynch, Miller, and would rather take a chance with a couple of back-end RB2's with upside.   

  11. 20 minutes ago, Under500Forever said:


    I know you said that in your original post. Who knows what to make of Gordon but the workload is there and the competition is not. 


    I just saw an article i Wish I had seen yesterday before my draft. 




    it details how shady averaged 5.80 ish YPC against Stacked boxes. He ran his best when there were 7-8 defenders in the box. We could see that a lot this year so shady may be in for another huge season. maybe he isn't as risky as I thought. 


    Nice find.....this might change my mind about him this year and make me think about drafting him #5.


    My only concern now would be durability, in which handcuffing will be important

  12. 2 hours ago, Br0kenB said:

    Demarco Murray is up there with Freeman as far as handcuffs go. I don't like the handcuff argument because some people just don't handcuff their picks. You can win leagues with and without handcuffing so to me it's not as strong of an argument as the offense around a player, their share of the offense, the changes they made, the division they play in, SoS, etc. I don't think you can use the handcuff as a talking point because if Freeman outscores McCoy on his own, 1 against 1, then the handcuff argument wasn;t even important in the first place. Know what I'm sayin'?


    I agree.  Last year I took Bell in the 1st, knowing he would miss games and his handcuff cost a 7th rounder.  I would rather use that pick for a player that can play all season and have some extra RB depth.  Needless to say, I didn't end up needing the handcuff with Bell

  13. 1 hour ago, Impreza178 said:

    I think it's very close, but for me it comes down to usage and cost of drafting the cuff.   Talent wise they are both off the charts. 


    Freeman had a 58% snap share last season.   he lost his genius offensive coordinator.  And Coleman is expensive. 


    Shady had a 60% snap share and lost his GL vulture and wr1. J Willams is cheap to draft.    He's going to be a busy guy and only comes out when he gassed.  



    Freeman plays on a good team that made it to the superbowl last year.  Shady's team is tanking the season, and he's also dealing with a new coach

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