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  1. i agree with you but foot injuries with a WR is never a good thing.
  2. Those of you that are picking #4 or 5, are you shying away now since he has this injury? Is anyone worried that this can bother him all year?
  3. I know, and there probably won't be a source since the Bills won't make it so obvious , as with the Watkins trade, Mccoy said he was "shocked". But the writer is basing it on logic and it DOES make sense for the Bills to shop him around, although he probably won't get traded since they still need to sell tickets.
  4. http://fastphillysports.com/ex-eagle-shady-mccot-unhappy-buff-trade-block/
  5. That's always the Million dollar question, isn't it..... i'm not quite sure, but I just think that Mccoy will put up low end Rb1 type #s this year. Even though they were without Watkins last year, this year it's different - you have to think about the mentality and moral of the players after the new coaches and trades. They are in re-building mode. The players probably know they're tanking the season (since there is supposedly a good draft class of Qbs next year). So why would Shady, being 29, be willing to put his body on the line for a lost season? just as a side note - Glenn, probably one of their best offensive lineman, is hurt
  6. I was really sold on taking McCoy this year with my 1st round pick. I've always leaned Rb heavy , especially early on and it's brought me success, but after analyzing the situation i'm going to pass. It's a new Regime in Buffalo. They just traded Watkins and Darby, Taylor took a paycut , - it's obvious they're cleaning house. Mccoy will get the touches early on and have some good games until the team starts to loose. he's also a big risk to get hurt. Also Rb's on bad teams usually don't do very well. i'd say he's a low-end RB1 this year.
  7. i doubt that anyone would trade you a WR1 for a WR2 and RB3, at least this early in the season. Also I would pick up Rawls
  8. I would keep howard and go with the good RB depth. Try and sell Hyde while you can
  9. I have the 5th pick in a snake , re-draft league 1 qb, 2rb 2wr te, rb/wr/te flex 6 points for all TDs and 1/2 ppr. I'm a bit confused as who to take with pick 1 (assuming 1-4 go Bell, DJ, AB and OBJ). I know the consensus is to take Julio or McCoy, but i'm worried about Julio's foot. also McCoy is playing in a new offense on a team that's cleaning house. Any suggestions?
  10. Didn't think he would play. He didn't practice much. Would rather have him heal one more week..
  11. i don't understand why ppl are even consider dropping him?! would they drop a healthy Abdullah?! he's pretty much in Abdullah's place, just had an unfortunate circumstance with the injury. i'm sure he'll bounce back and provide good depth at RB
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