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  1. $50.00 entry fee? Will pay immediately. Don Miester Okay, done.
  2. I'll join. 10 or 12 is fine by me (prefer 12), as long as its a full point PPR with a snake draft. Would prefer 75.00 or 100.00 entry, but understand if others have joined at a lower point. donmiester65@gmail.com.
  3. Current status? Drafting tonight? League settings link? Thanks! donmiester65@gmail.com.
  4. Guys, I am a bit confused (my normal state). I believe the league was postponed to tomorrow. If it's tonight and y'all need a participant on short notice, feel free to email me at donmiester65@gmail.com. I could draft in an hour if you need someone. If it is tomorrow, it depends on my schedule; feel free to send me an invite, but I understand spots may be taken by others who pay. And to the commissioner, who I do not now, thank you for doing so much work in connection with your leagues. This year, more than ever, I appreciate the hard work done by commissioners! Don Miester
  5. I'm in if you need one more, and are drafting tonight. dmiester@taggartmorton.com
  6. Can you please send me the league link so I can check settings? Thanks! dmiester@taggartmorton.com
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