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  1. Tough one that I am also facing. IMO, unconvincing arguments for Herbert: "he got me to this point" (better: he has more sustained track record that suggests limited downside). IMO, unconvincing arguments for Hurts: "Herbert's points came in short bursts at the end" (better: he is less likely to get rushing TDs).
  2. Yeah, as between those guys, Pollard sits. High upside but also low floor. Help?
  3. Last minute; signature team slightly inaccurate. Thanks!
  4. This makes sense to me. Except, gotta say, my gut says Trubisky.
  5. Is it certain that Conner is out? If he is, I think I would go Snell.
  6. Gio and Shepard. I can see cutting one of the Bengals WRs, prob Boyd, but certainly don't cut both -- they have a nice schedule coming up. Help?
  7. Unless you get word before the Dolphins that Jackson is playing, Fitzmagic!
  8. Mostert, Dobbins, Gaskin, in that order. Help?
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