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  1. Hey y'all, with this news dropping, and Josh getting yet another shot at winning back our hearts, I wanted to do some research on Josh's fanbase. Im interested in why people are so attached to him (myself included). Is it because they owned himn in 2013? Did they hop on the train after and are hoping they can cash in? Is there anyone out there who owned him in 2013, and isn't' still holding on to the dream? I put together a little survey. It should only take a few minutes. Once I get a significant number of responses, ill do some analysis and get back to y'all on the
  2. Would yall trade him for Carr and Keenan Allen? My qbs would be Carr and Winston moving forward. 10 team 6pt td league
  3. Yeah they guy has a pretty stacked team, Hunt, Mccoy, zeke, Kelce, so he can take the risk of julio. Still has, soon to be, MVP wentz at qb too. Dude is winning the ship.
  4. Welp watching my star quarterback go down for the season with a broken collarbone is what finally forced by hand to sell this guy. Needing a quarterback I traded Julio for Deshaun Watson and Dez Bryant. In my eyes this is a great trade for me. Filled my need at QB, and got a low end wr1. I think Julio and Dez finish at about the same number of fantasy points. Julio obviously has a higher floor in total yards and probably a higher cieling than Dez, but the way they have used julio for the past year and a half is no fun for a fantasy owner. He could blow up any given week, but as people have me
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