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  1. Just FYI for everyone... https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/games/lobby/main/nba
  2. Something shady seems to be going on, usually they are open MUCH earlier, wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t have them at all this year.
  3. as always the truth is always somewhere in the middle of this last game and his brutal start. Overall he's basically still a middling guy but clearly worth having on your roster, around 100th best in fantasy (so round 9-10ish), and if that's what you expect, you'll be happy with him on your roster all season. Because he was pushed on everyone as a 6th/7th round guy, the disappointment is huge. To everyone's credit here, if people read this chat (instead of the rotoworld blurbs) there'd be no issue, as things have played out pretty much as many of us expected (offense not running through him will have hot and cold games, minutes will be spread out, etc). All about expectations..
  4. https://twitter.com/detnewsRodBeard/status/920037920194613248 #Pistons SVG on backup C (Boban): "Our backup 5 is going to be a by-committee thing." A lot will depend on opposing center and matchups. I mean what more do you need to hear? Basically saying Boban won't be part of the main rotation every night...as many have said above
  5. also remember basketball is, like everything else, a business. there will be huge demands to get this guy out on the floor - if he's not already, he's going to become a draw for clippers to sell tickets. plus other guys on the team love playing with him because he makes them look really good. to me this all means he hits 30mpg or thereabouts, making him useful in all leagues.
  6. really depends. I think once you've been in one or two that are very well run and have good, dedicated managers, you can tell ones that aren't and see the red flags fairly quickly. Look for ones where the commissioner really has a handle on how everything will be run, the rules are very clear and straightforward (as opposed to leaving things open or changing anything often - this is what will often anger various owners and could be the string that causes everything to unravel). However, this is why i think it's always smart in dynasty leagues to not go too crazy with drafting only rookies or future potential guys. If you're planning for guys who could be really good 3-4 years down the line (think d'aaron fox, ingram, skal, Isaac, etc - leaving you with high draft picks for the next few years) but your league never makes it that far, you're SOL. Not saying only draft old vets, but keep this in mind to avoid having a really bad experience bc you just never know with dynasty leagues.
  7. Last night murray started and played about 30 mins, which is reasonable for the regular season. The bad part was he continues to look like a pure role player on the team, taking only 8 shots during that time, no steals, 4 reb and 4 asst. While he shot poorly and we can expect him to shoot better and a bit more overall, that still leaves him at around 12-14 pts per game. While certainly an improving player and great future prospect, he is clearly pretty low on the "stats" totem pole in Denver, and will be a fringe top 100, more likely top 120 type of guy. Amazing that certain folks keep pushing him as having top 50 potential, round 5-7 type of player when there is almost no chance of him getting there. Drafting him that early will almost certainly not help your team win a league vs other players available, but could really tank your chances if the best case doesn't play out...
  8. This is a classic what fantasy guys want to see vs. reality. Did he magically get quicker or obtain new skills, because he seems like the same guy that couldn't beat out Aron Baynes for rotation minutes for a whole year on a team that desperately needed production. If he was good enough to or able to, he would get more minutes. We can all salivate over his per-36 #s but it's a mirage...
  9. Yea exactly - don't understand the overhype on this guy, all his production came when their season was in the toilet last year and drummond was in the dog house. Drummond will play 30 minutes and no way do they play together. So that leaves a max of 18 minutes, and that assumes they don't go small ball with Leuer at C against certain matchups. So that leaves ~15 mins per game. Sure he's a great pick-up if Drummond goes down (you can say this about a bunch of low minute backups though) but don't see him as a standard league guy otherwise, much less a top 100.
  10. If number of twitter mentions is any indication, the hype train is about to take off on this guy and one more good preseason game you won't be able to draft his after 100 in most formats...
  11. The previous seasons from 2012-2016 he had 82, 71, 74, 78 games played so while not playing max amount games every year he doesn't seem like he's had a long history of season-altering injuries...
  12. Love Capela this year anywhere after pick 70 or so, or even earlier in punt builds. Actually he's a really sneaky roto guy. Because of the FT% he usually falls way past where he's being drafted in H2H (have seen him in the 6th-7th H2H, generally well after than in Roto). I think the strategy of taking high points guys in the early rounds let's you get a ton of value out of Capela, and if you start with those scarce cats (high points guys are hardest to find but very few also have good FG/Reb/blocks after round 1) Capela is key to getting those big men stats up. But because of the low FT volume he's actually draftable in roto unlike drummond and DJ. Capela doesn't have enough volume to totally sink you (you can stay around 79% or so which should put you in the middle of the pack).
  13. For those of you that play in 20-30 team deep leagues, who are you looking as high value guys who, if the ball bounces a certain way, you could really get a ton of value from, like you can draft well after pick 200 and potentially get top 100 value from without having a total zero while you wait -- so if a guy is a popular flier, top 15 rookie, or getting picked in most 14-16 team leagues, he's too "early round" of a player to be mentioned here: Here's a couple for me: Jodie Meeks - Wiz are super thin on the wing and will likely be playing porter/oubre up a position (to PF/SF) a lot. Beal has only had one healthy season and Meeks (who is usually hurt himself, unfortunately) has been a top 80 guy in fantasy before. Cheick Diallo - Boogie/AD have to rest at least 12-15 minutes per game each. Cheick has shown in his limited NBA minutes, plus D-League and Summer league, he's a monster for fantasy stats. Both Boogie and AD are injury prone, and to be honest the New Orleans experiment could quickly prove to be a disaster, meaning he could get a ton more minutes around the fantasy playoffs time. Who are others looking at?
  14. people tend to get carried away with rookies and what they do in summer leagues. Most coaches make them earn their keep and not piss off the veteran they already have a relationship with. My bet would be Ersan starts, plays 26 mins, Collins off bench for 22 mins until about Feb IF Collins proves himself.
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