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  1. I am 8-2 and will make playoffs so this is an upside question, Ekeler or Burkhead, I go back and forth. Burkhead is now steady but in the 4 headed monster and I think by Week 15 and 16 Ekeler is the upside play. Could be a league winner if Gordon sits or plays poorly. Thoughts please. Thanks in advance.
  2. That was my problem, I didn't trust my eyes. Listened to the stupid talking heads saying Aaron Jones wouldn't get volume, blah blah blah
  3. Used top waiver on this JAG after losing Cook, he looked terrible and will be third string soon
  4. One thing no one is mentioning is the guy is sober for the first time in his career. He was a notorious slow started due to the fact I think he was partying too much offseason. He looked as fast, elusive and strong as ever last night and I really think he is more focused than he has ever been as a pro.
  5. If you saw Martin in preseason he looked like good Doug, averaged 5 ypc. He is sober for the first time in his career, he is motivated to prove his worth. When right he is a top 5 back in the league. He as hurt last year. I predict huge things for him this year.
  6. Norman plays one side, Hill moves a lot including to the slot where Norman never plays. Hill will be fine for this game and hopefully, continue his awesome play
  7. OBJ unless he gets suspended for peeing on the field
  8. This he is worth giving up the #1 waiver claim?
  9. Other receivers are AJ Green, Ty Hill, Maclin and Ty Williams
  10. 1 point PPR, pretty good at RB, small bench. Need a WR Is he worth the #1 waiver pick
  11. 1 Point PPR - need to pick two between Maclin, Coleman and Ty WIlliams, Thanks in advance
  12. Anyone talking about Gordon doesn't factor in that even if he is reinstated he could still be suspended again for his past transgressions before he ever suits up. Coleman is the WR#1 and will get a good amount of looks each week.
  13. Hogan is what he is, a mediocre talent who might have a few good games but people were acting like he was some stud.
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