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  1. Got a season-long keeper question that I’ve been mulling over for the better part of two weeks now: I’m in a second year league where we keep two players each year. You can only hold a keeper for two consecutive years, after that he can’t be kept by you in your third year. You also forfeit the pick from where the player was taken in the previous year. I have 3 players up for contention KAT (RD 1) JJJ (RD 10) Porzingis (RD7) I am also in the lottery, so I will have a pick between slot 3-6. Do I forfeit two later rounds and grab JJJ/KP and hope to land KAT or a similar tale
  2. How come this guy isn’t getting attention? Second highest scoring TE so far in PPR leagues and arguably putting up the season that many expected OJ Howard fo have!
  3. I need PIT defense to some how make Mixon score -24pts. So I think I might lose this week?
  4. Got the Saints but looking to go elsewhere this week due to obvious reasons: Who do I grab? Titans or 49ers
  5. Looking to buy low on Hilton. A guy in our league is worried as he thinks he just lost his WR1. While I think Hilton takes a slight hit I would still welcome him. Here’s what I am proposing, would you accept this as an opposing GM who’s scrambling over this? I give: Dalvin Cook Stefon Diggs I get: TY Hilton David Johnson Heres how my team looks now: QB: J. Winston WR: M. Thomas WR: S. Diggs WR: D. Moore RB: D. Cook RB: M. Mack TE: A. Hooper Flex: C. Davis K: A. Vinateri (streamer)
  6. He’s floating on my waiver and I am debating dropping Fournier for him. Not sure if he’s just going to be a headache.
  7. Also, I play in a dumb 13 cat league, so he had value based on FG% and both OREB and DREB to negate the FT/TO issues.
  8. I was speaking from Gallo of last year. You can argue that D12 was awesome value last year as well. Far exceeded his expectations.
  9. Is this guy droppable now? Debating it, and if it’s anything like Gallo he’s gonna be a headache
  10. With the Saints past their bye week and seemingly trying to bolster their defense, are they worth the add for down the stretch?
  11. I don’t think it’s worth folding on the Saints yet. If you have someone else to drop for Chicago it would be a good tandem and could be trade value you for you when the Saints sort themselves out.
  12. Thats not even a question. Bears 100% of the way and don’t look back.
  13. I’m hesitant in this spot. Last year this game was a shootout. I wouldn’t waste a WW add for them if you have something marginally better, or similar, already.
  14. Get to keep 3 bodies. Already locked in Giannis and KAT. Whos the more manageable risk? I understand Boogie has a higher ceiling but he has a higher chance of being sub-par after a torn Achilles. Do I go with Tyreke and hope to get Boogie in the first few rounds? Or hope that everyone takes a pass on Tyreke like last year? WHIR
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