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  1. John Brown likely limits his ceiling but his floor has been pretty stable. The 2 games he played against the Pats last year he went for over 100 yards in each game. The s---y weather makes me think that short passes to Beasley will be a go to for Allen. Especially if Gilmore plays, who will be on Diggs. Gilmore did hurt his knee though on Thursday and got an MRI so if he's out, things get a little murky.
  2. I want to believe he's back tomorrow, but it's hard to imagine they'll run him out there after missing 5 weeks without partaking in padded practice. It's just been walk throughs yesterday and today.
  3. That's true, but with Godwin out and Bradberry on Evans, one would assume that targets will be available elsewhere. He got 9 targets last week and could get around that this week.
  4. I imagine Ward would cover Ruggs. They tend to put him on the opposing deep threat if I'm not mistaken.. Which I definitely could be.
  5. Anybody starting him this week if he does play? Tempted to put him in my flex if Mike Davis gets replaced by CMC.
  6. I think with Bradberry on Evans we're going to see some targets funneled his and Gronks way. That is of course if the defense doesn't demolish the Giants and the run game takes over.
  7. [...] I'll be rolling Boston "little big" Scott out there if he isn't. Great matchup for either but Scott was almost a bust last week without that game winning TD.
  8. This was the 'Spin' on his ESPN player profile: The team has yet to open his 21-day window to activate him from IR, and with a short week to prepare between games, his chances to prove his health on the practice field this week could be few and far between. As a result, if Carolina's staff holds McCaffrey out Thursday, he "seems likely" to make his long-awaited return Sunday, Nov. 8 in Kansas City. Might have to wait another week. Makes more sense he'd come back when he has some extra days to show he's good in practice.
  9. I think they can with Fuller being on Woods. Doesn't mean he can't have a decent game though.
  10. Yeah but if the Bears know what they doing they'll bracket Kupp with a safety.
  11. The way Minshews been throwing lately, it might actually be beneficial. Chark should've had a much bigger game on Sunday than he did due to poor throws. Glennon might come in and just pepper Chark with slightly more accuracy.
  12. I can divide the parties participating in the AB potential return discussion into two main groups: A. Those who didn't pick him up off the waiver B. Those who did If we switched party A with party B, the opinions would switch also. Have you're opinion on whether he gets signed or not, but for those saying he won't produce just stfu. There's a reason teams are going to take the risk, and it's not for lifestyle tips.
  13. The hammy was a minor injury. They didn't lie, they just didn't have to report the specifics because it wasn't in season. If anything, what we're seeing is stupid gamesmenship from the Eagles. Keep the Giants in the dark in preparing on the short week. It would make more sense for them to be quiet if he had a chance of playing. It's probably good that they're not straight up saying "He's definitely going to miss time" like they did with Ertz. Pederson said something along the lines of "We'll see how Miles is and if he can go this Thursday or not".
  14. ^ What this guy said. Chubb is the center piece to the Browns run game. They had a great gameplan using Chubb to wear down a defense with Hunt coming in later in games to take advantage with fresh legs.
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