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  1. I am in the except same situation. Mack has the best matchup on paper, but he hasn't been performing. I am going Sanders, and like others have said, he can catch the ball which will help us in PPR and that for me was the tie breaker.
  2. Murray, agree with above that Brady is not good for fantasy purposes
  3. Pick 2 of these, PPR league, leave a link and I will help you. Lockett vs Carolina D. Parker vs Giants AJ Brown vs Texans
  4. Play Joe Mixon against NE or Tyler Lockett against Carolina in my flex spot? Play Mahomes against Denver or Tannehill against the Texans? I will help you back, leave a link. My gut says Tannehill and Lockett, but the experts say Mixon and Mahomes. I get the whole start your studs, but I also would feel like crap if I didn't trust my gut and got kicked out of the semi finals for it.
  5. As a Mahomes owner, Tanny will be my QB1 rest of the way
  6. Starting with confidence. Put up 21 ppr pts last time he played Miami. Had 8 targets last week (only caught 2 but that is super rare for him.) 8 targets prove he is still heavily involved. No Leveon so opens up more targets. Great start in PPR.
  7. Damn, gonna trust my gut and go Crowder here, thanks guys!
  8. Supposedly could be bad weather in Shepard's game and might be a lot of running. Because of that risk, I'd go Chark, he has Minshew back in the saddle wanting to prove something. All it takes in one long bomb to connect, and even though Chargers are legit, I bet he connects at least one for a TD, and just think, what if he connects two?
  9. For me it's between Lockett and Robby. Lockett will be shadowed by Ramsey but that don't mean crap since Tyler Lockett is just that good. Problem is, is he healthy? Hasn't shown anything since the injury. Robby Anderson will either win it all for you or give you next to nothing. Same can be said for Lockett though. If it helps, I have Lockett and Crowder and I am playing Crowder. My gut says play Robby, and hopefully Lockett shows us something and can be relied upon next week.
  10. Tyler Lockett vs Rams Jamison Crowder vs Dolphins Joe Mixon vs Browns I am feeling Jamison Crowder, he put up 21pts last time he played Dolphins and had 8 targets last week (downside is he only caught 2 but that is rare for him.) If it wasn't PPR I'd be using Joe Mixon, he has been consistent the last 5 weeks. Tyler Lockett is what the experts would say here, but he hasn't looked like himself since the injury to the shin, and he has Ramsey shadowing him. Talk me out of Crowder or tell me I'm on the right path?
  11. Godwin or Gurley Rams are playing the Bucs. It's 1.0 PPR
  12. AB, Hilton, Lockett and Mack. Set it and forget it.
  13. In standard, John Brown, he's gonna be Allen's number 1 all year. If PPR, flip a coin.
  14. Need 2 in full point PPR Brandin Cooks vs NO Tyler Lockett vs Steelers Marlon Mack vs Titans Josh Gordon vs Dolphins Leave a link, WHIR
  15. I'd do it, that TE alone will help you sleep at night. That same TE will be catching those targets you were hoping Kerryon was going to get.
  16. Do it, Cooks is a better flex over Montgomery for the next 3-4 weeks.
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