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  1. 8 cat+ dd, roto, redraft, 9 teams Give: Butler, Booker, JV Get: Giannis, Devonte G, Schroder Punting FT. Thoughts?
  2. 8 cat +dd, roto, redraft My: Booker+ Gallo His: Bam+ Lonzo Will punt FT. Thoughts?
  3. Nurk will have no value this season Good luck
  4. 8 cat +DD, roto, redraft, 9 team Give: Butler+ Booker Get: Drummond+ Covington+ Fournier thoughts?
  5. 8 cat+ dd, roto, redraft My Jimmy Butler+ Galliniari His D. Mitchell+ Siakam Thoughts?
  6. 8 cat+DD, roto, Redraft, 9 teams My: Booker + B.Simmons for His: Embiid+ Hield thoughts?
  7. 8 cat+ dd, roto, redraft My CJ McCollum+ Jonas Valanchunas His Wendell Carter Jr. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Thoughts?
  8. 8 cat+ dd, roto, redraft My Booker His Collins + Lavine Thoughts?
  9. 8 cat+ DD, roto, redraft My Booker His Blake + Lavine Thoughts?
  10. 8 cat+ DD, roto, redraft. Giving: Booker + Valanchunas Getting: Embiid Thoughts?
  11. The question is if Luka continues like that
  12. 8 cat+ DD, roto, redraft. My Butler his Luka Thoughts?
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