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  1. Lewis. You never know what Belichek is going to do; but Lewis seems to be the hot hand.
  2. I'd go with Agholor; regardless of Standard or PPR. Agholor has been better this year; plus I can't even trust Amendola to make it through a full game without getting injured. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678670-r-kelley-vs-m-gilleslee/
  3. 100% agree with the above; go for someone like Big Ben instead. Gronk is too much to give up for Dak. If you're going to move Gronk try to aim higher.
  4. Sanu, if playing and reports suggest he is healthy .. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678670-r-kelley-vs-m-gilleslee/
  5. I'm down to my last flex spot and have to make a call. I'm in a super tight week, so picking right may be the difference between winning and losing. Do I start Kelley or Gilleslee? My gut says that if Kelley plays, then he is the better option .... however, theres no guarantee that he plays and I wont know until Monday night. My team is at 1-5 so this is a must-win week for me! Thoughts??
  6. Seems pretty fair. A lot of unknown on both sides, but I'd probably lean slightly towards the Snead side.
  7. Forgot to mention; it's a Standard league (too late to edit the original post)
  8. Hey guys, Need some help with who to start. Do I pick James White or Mike Gilleslie? I was leaning towards Gill, but am now reconsidering if Gronk doesnt play. Thoughts?? Alternatively, I could start both and bench L. Murray; but i dont feel great about that. Thanks! WHIP
  9. Thanks all for the help. I think I'm going to stick with my gut and go with white. The matchup is just too juicy. I'm super intrigued by Nelson but going to take the safer floor with white.
  10. I do this sometimes, but definitely depends on your waiver wire and league. Some of my usual considerations: 1) Which K's are available in later games and how many? (is there a possibility of another team picking someone up before me and leaving me screwed) 2) How likely is it that you end up in such a big blowout that you feel comfortable playing without a kicker (personally, i wouldnt do it unless I felt there was at least a 15+ point buffer...because you never know) 3) How important is a win? In a league where it is super competitive, I might not be willing to risk losing a w
  11. Jordy no doubt. The only way I consider benching him is if it is a super tough matchup (which Atl is not). Help here?
  12. Kupp and OBJ/Sheppard ... generally I would consider Garcon given the OBJ uncertianty, but not this week based on the relative matchups Help here?
  13. Agreed with Matthews for this week. I like the potential of Moncrief, but would prefer to wait and see how Brissett looks and not take on that risk of the unknown.
  14. I'll be the dissenting voice and say Williams. Obviously a major risk, but I'm doing my best to stay away from that Seattle matchup (especially in Seattle).
  15. Need thoughts/recos on who to start at my Flex spot for this week. My guy says that White has the highest floor and Nelson the highest ceiling (now that Brown is out) ... but wanted to get others' thoughts. If it's helpful, I'm also starting Palmer and Gillislee this week (the only team overlap) Thanks in advance!
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