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  1. I think that will be the case. The Blazers have 10 b2b left. I don't think they want him to play b2b unless it's absolutely necessary.
  2. Well i didn't drop but he was bad in the last game and Nwaba was out as well.
  3. Well form is not enough. If it's mental I doubt it goes away anytime soon. Pff this guy has become as hard punt as Drummond for free throws. Actually even worse this season. Not even my Booker, Tatum etc are good enough to help me being competitive there. And being in a roto league those turnovers paired with the free throw make him a killer. I guess i ll give it a try to trade him to the one team that punts free throws. On the bright side steals look totally back.
  4. Ι don't think there is any point to sell right now. Can you get a top50 player? Go for it, but MPJ is the 82nd player last two weeks so who will give a top50 player for that? Now is there any point to sell for a player just inside top100 like Clarkson? His potential is higher than that so only way forward for me is hold and hope it plays out. He has only played 80 games in his career, it's not crazy to think he can explode at some point.
  5. I didn't say he will not be fine. I say that it's like he missed an 11th game in a row because he doesn't exist in boxscore.
  6. I know. Doesn't change the fact that any random fan would play at same level. It's like he has no clue
  7. He is much better at the 4. Millsap and Green coming back is a concern.
  8. I think he is safe for 32-33 minutes after ASB. And he has been very efficient so far. Hopefully rebs will pick up as well.
  9. I think they ll keep em because Raptors won't want Harris and ofc Simmons, Embiid are off the table for this trade. Probably something like Danny Green, Scott, Ferguson and Maxey would be the package. I think such a trade would hurt Lowry. He would lose in all counting stats while efficiency is already almost career high so it's difficult to see it go higher.
  10. Nuggets twitter not very happy with Malone. MPJ's flaws are obvious but Nnaji is certainly not better. He MUST be dating his daughter, no other explanation.
  11. I don't punt them because my team can take it. In fact i am best team in turnovers. My issue is his fg, points and steals. They are too low. Career low.
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