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  1. No i have seen him play a couple times and he didn't seem to me as a guy that has some above average talent. What do you think he does well? He was supposed to add range to his game but i guess that failed.
  2. He has been really great lately. Better late than never.
  3. Care to share your insight as i didn't watch the game? Judging from stats Moses was very good against Gobert while Bradley had the worst night of his life. Honestly now if this was a debate between someome that has good potential and Moses Brown i would get behind it. If it was Robert Williams not getting more minutes I would be all for that. But to me it feels just a giant troll this thread. Bradley is not very talented.
  4. They never let him touch the ball. He scored with a good move on KD showing he even has some off the dribble game, but with those guys around him not possible to really play normal basketball. They only look for their own shot. Great dynasty potential i see though. Eventually he will demand more usage
  5. Why you are so passionate about Bradley. Ok he played a bit better but lets not pretend like he is some great player that is not utilized correctly. Moses be embarassed as if he is holding back the next Embiid? lmao You were trying to promote Tillman over JVal as well. You are too invested in your players mate, relax.
  6. It will never be the end as we are addicted to it, but this year is terrible and needs more luck than ability unfortunately. It's not if the injuries/rest hits you anymore, but the timing. What good is having Harden and AD if you don't have them available for playoffs 😅
  7. Yeah because we were asking why he doesn't play more minutes and people were saying the +- is not good when he is starting etc. I guess being forced to play him more due to the injuries worked miracles. Now Malone cannot bench him anymore lol This guy has best shooter ever type of potential. He is a 6'10 Klay Thompson.
  8. Yeah but he was not drafted as low end third string big. Probably you got Holmes much cheaper and you can take the bad from Ayton because Holmes makes up for it. Whatever he does from now on doesn't change the fact he has had a disappointing fantasy season. Silver lining he is always available which is not common this year.
  9. Do you even follow the league? Knicks are 1 game back from getting Home court advantage. Far from trash team. They also have the best D in the league so it's not that players increase their stats against them.
  10. Well Danny has been incredible the last few weeks.
  11. I see he was team high +7 but fouled out.
  12. I believe that should be his average yes. He is getting better every game, just needed more reps.
  13. Still they played Kenion Martin JR more than him. Not sure if Tucker leaving is enough.
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