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  1. I need ******** Kawhi to steal the ball
  2. Garbage guy cannot steal the ball anymore. He has been a disaster for a month now
  3. Yeah he finishes the season terribly as he started it. After all a big waste of a pick for my h2h leagues.
  4. I think next season he will be closer to 25ppg than 20. A normal offseason can do wonders. He is basically doing that without really having time to work in summer. He also lost a month due to covid which messed up his rythm. I think next year he will not be gone by end of 2nd round in all drafts.
  5. Imagine not playing this guy 30+ mins per night because Millsap is a better defender...
  6. Well since being healthy has become so rare this season this is truly valuable indeed.
  7. Well he is locked for 3 more years for dirt cheap and nothing he can do about it.
  8. Which is trully incredible because every advanced stat has this guy as the best player on this team. His on/off court is amazing. He has become a great shooter as well which was the main problem on his game during his first two seasons. How can the Grizzlies keep doing that? And it's not about player development, he is same age with rookie Bane.
  9. f--- it i ll start him in my weekly league. I also have Lowry and JVal and I believe Harden will play more games than them. Let's hope we get 3, but even with 2 i m perfectly fine.
  10. way better add than KPJ. way better
  11. This season is special. Schedule is too hard on the players and it's showing with many injuries. I m personally fine with them making sure they don't risk anything since they decided to tank. I cannot talk about spirit of the game this season with no fans and especially for the Raptors playing away from family and fans. And it has hurt me as well coz i own VanVleet, OG and Lowry, but i cannot blame them really. Doesn't look nice, but there are worse things going on and after all these years i guess Raptors can get a pass.
  12. I don't think they gave him the Horford treatment unless i missed some shutdown statement. It's not that he was healthy lately as well and he is also 36 years old. They just taking it easier. I still don't get why you so upset really. Only explanation is it destroyed your fantasy team. Otherwise what's wrong with two rest days for a 36 year old on a losing team? Players are dropping like flies this season. He is a UFA but not many times have cap space and he said he wants to retire a Raptor.
  13. Raptors are one of the few teams that played their starters very heavy minutes and it lead them nowhere. So I suppose they thought we take a step back, a good draft pick in a great draft class and then we try again next year hopefully by addressing some needs in free agency. Why should they trade Lowry for example for some lowball offer? That would be the terrible thing, not tanking a lost season. They don't even play in front of their fans man, relax.
  14. 30th ranked isn't what was expected? That's the point for me. Nothing to celebrate about. Just a relief that he is finally producing consistently. Last season btw he had 2.2 stocks. %s it's true he is much improved, but he is losing in counting stats.
  15. You are right he has had a fantastic month especially comparing it to what he did before that. But stil he is not putting up better numbers than what he was drafted for. I mean the 17/10 with 1.2 blocks that he has past 30 days those were the norm and what everyone expected. Hell probably we expected like 18/12 with 1.5 blocks when drafted him. What stands out is his %s though that are terrific. This is where he has really improved. So all in all yes great job Ayton because i thought you were dead meat, but i'm not gonna party because you are doing what you were drafted to do.
  16. No i have seen him play a couple times and he didn't seem to me as a guy that has some above average talent. What do you think he does well? He was supposed to add range to his game but i guess that failed.
  17. He has been really great lately. Better late than never.
  18. Care to share your insight as i didn't watch the game? Judging from stats Moses was very good against Gobert while Bradley had the worst night of his life. Honestly now if this was a debate between someome that has good potential and Moses Brown i would get behind it. If it was Robert Williams not getting more minutes I would be all for that. But to me it feels just a giant troll this thread. Bradley is not very talented.
  19. They never let him touch the ball. He scored with a good move on KD showing he even has some off the dribble game, but with those guys around him not possible to really play normal basketball. They only look for their own shot. Great dynasty potential i see though. Eventually he will demand more usage
  20. Why you are so passionate about Bradley. Ok he played a bit better but lets not pretend like he is some great player that is not utilized correctly. Moses be embarassed as if he is holding back the next Embiid? lmao You were trying to promote Tillman over JVal as well. You are too invested in your players mate, relax.
  21. It will never be the end as we are addicted to it, but this year is terrible and needs more luck than ability unfortunately. It's not if the injuries/rest hits you anymore, but the timing. What good is having Harden and AD if you don't have them available for playoffs 😅
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