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  1. Must win for me. I am starting goodwin. I hope it pays off. Damn you ab
  2. You're worried about Ward? This is a joke right? There is no 1B. Freeman and Coleman are both great backs with a proven track record which is why they use both. With Freeman out of the picture, Coleman will get RB1 volume. Coleman is an elite handcuff and has been catching the football all season out of the backfield. With a banged up Seattle defense, I don't see why he wouldn't be able to rush over 100 yards.
  3. The time has come for us Coleman owners with Freeman going down. The long wait is over. We got a bellcow for next week.
  4. This guy is startable ROS and a WR2 with WR1 upside. Do not bench
  5. You sound salty. He won that football game by making that catch. Go eat your words now haha
  6. Despite helping me win fantasy last year, this is pathetic on Evans. I'm glad he's suspended. We don't need that garbage in the league.
  7. Lee did not practice today. CHOO CHOO all aboard . Starting with confidence. He will be the triple double Westbrook of the NFL
  8. Docston is the receiver to own here. Pryor has butterfingers and is not reliable.
  9. Docstons projections have gone up on yahoo. He's the main man. This scrub is droppable. Please close thread until he does something which will probably never.
  10. I think you mean Doctson. Pryor is droppable in all formats. Start this bum at your own risk.
  11. Drop city. Sitting on waivers now . Gripped Doctson.
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