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  1. 4 hours ago, martinjlm said:

    Well, let's say maybe he's the 1A and Ward the 1B now. Tevin had only 65% of the rushing attempts. And they still didn't use him in the passing game except for 1 target. Without those receptions he's gonna have to have a LOT of rushing yards to be more worth anything and I don't see that happening vs SEA.

    You're worried about Ward? This is a joke right? There is no 1B. Freeman and Coleman are both great backs with a proven track record which is why they use both. With Freeman out of the picture, Coleman will get RB1 volume.

    Coleman is an elite handcuff and has been catching the football all season out of the backfield.  With a banged up Seattle defense, I don't see why he wouldn't be able to rush over 100 yards.

  2. Westbrook was cleared to catch passes last week and has been running on the side at practice. Barring setbacks, he should be back when first eligible Week 9 against the Bengals. Westbrook is expected to have an immediate role, and looks likely to make a second-half impact. With Jacksonville not getting much from Allen Hurns and Marqise Lee, Westbrook could see a heavy target share when he returns. 



  3. 6 minutes ago, Chwf3rd said:


    Let me reiterate what I don't like about Henry:


    He's a stiff, upright runner with poor vision who can't make defenders miss, and lacks the vision + lateral ability + quickness to create for himself, thus limiting whatever offense he plays on.

    Didn't he outrun Bostic and like 2 DBS on is long run last game? and break like 2 tackles lol. I don't think you've been paying any attention at all. And f--- scouting reports, they all said trent richardson was the next barry sanders. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, LSUtiger said:


    As someone who also owns both, I'm really tempted to start Henry over Murray this week @ CLE.  Game flow should favor TEN (in theory), which would mean more second half work for Henry when he usually does his damage.  Murray looked like a shell of himself last night on that balky hamstring.  I thought he was about to be ruled out multiple times.  


    All said, I'm it will end up like the SEA game where Murray doens't/barely practice(s) all week, I start Henry again, and Murray drops 150 and a TD while Henry does nothing. lolz

    I got burned by this too, lol. Hesitant starting Henry this week. But w.e , letting it ride.

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