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  1. Will Marcus Peters shadow Pryor? I think Doctson is the play here.
  2. i rage dropped Cutler. Mariota is startable in all formats ROS.
  3. I like how everyone is crying about Murray being active. Henry will see bulk of the carries period. Titans don't have a third running back signed and deemed Murray healthy enough to provide Henry with a breather or if he goes down, an emergency backup (despite high risk of reaggrivation of hammy). That's it. Henry projections are up, it's his time. If he plays well, expect to see him take over ROS.
  4. itshappening.gif please and do it now! all ABOARD the PAIN TRAIN HENRY
  5. He is right. Seattle Defense is burnable. I've seen this situation before around the league. Murray obviously hasn't been healthy since he pulled his hamstring in the pre-season and it is an ongoing issue with him throughout his career. Henry will receive bulk of the carries. If Murray starts, he's gonna get crushed by Wagner aggravating his hamstring even more and giving Henry a chance to open up the floodgates. Win-Win situation.
  6. You sound like a homer. Just saying injuries play a big role. I think his injury was more significant then he has lead on. Also, Giants are just a mess. Hit the panic button if he doesn't produce this week.
  7. Not saying he can do it. Situation looks grim. And just because he has done it before , doesn't mean he is going to repeat those numbers. New year, new team, QB still sucks and his injury woes.
  8. I'd start Cooper, Crabtree, A.Jeffrey, Dez Bryant, Michael Thomas and a boat load of other receivers. Keep plugging him in and you'll be disappointed until the Giants fix their O-line and QB situation.
  9. Hi guys, I'm a happy Antonio Brown owner. How's it going in here? ODB is an injury prone Diva and should be benchable in all formats because he has a noodle arm of a QB named ELI who is straight trash and hurting ODB's value. WR2 ROS. Sell high when you can.
  10. Murray will "start", but Henry will get the bulk of the carries in Seattle. I can see this game close scoring, and titans employing the run more. Hyde shredded them last week, imagine what Derrick Henry can do against them at Home. Mularkey has all the facts, he's not dumb. He knows D.Henry is the better runner and gives them the best chance to win. What he says on record is pure gamesmanship , nothing else. Henry's time is now. Enjoy it folks.
  11. This guy freaking blows. Why did I draft this bum? Start producing top 10 wr numbers pls.
  12. I can see into the future. Henry will get bulk of the carries against Seattle this week. Murray is as good as done. Henry owners rejoice!
  13. Please. Not this hypetrain again. It was painful last year. He's a JAG and irrelevant unless abdullah gets injured. Not touching this trash.
  14. Too much hype on Hunt. He ran 4.63 . Chiefs sign another Hunt RB for a reason. Let's lower expectations a little bit.
  15. Clearly missed out on Derrick Henry lol. Murray is taking the backseat this season and it might happen as soon as this week! Those hammy's are pretty tender.
  16. Pryor will finish top 15 WR this season. He had a good camp, has been improving at the position every year and looks beastly out there with great separation. Jordan Glass Reed and Pryor will eat this season.
  17. And look at his usage? It's insane the amount of wear and tear this guy has. He's almost 30 years old, this is when running backs breakdown. You'd be REALLY lucky if this guy goes unscathed for the whole season. The emergence of Derrick Henry also clouds this guy's usage over the season.
  18. Remind me again, how many TD's did Barnidge have last season with McCown under center? 2?
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