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  1. HIs K rate has been and always will be absurdly high. Has consistently been solid at all levels of hitting the ball hard and has a decent eye. Because he's not coming out of the gates on fire shouldn't lead to panic. I remember Trouts first taste, dude couldn't buy a base hit.
  2. BABIP is clearly high, but when you're hitting .415 that's a good problem to have.
  3. Well his BABIP was .170 going into today. So there's nowhere to go but up is all I'm saying. Not saying dude is gonna hit .300. But if he settles in the .250 range with his power and playing half his games in a shoe box, def value to be had.
  4. His BAPIP being absurdly low. We know what to do here...
  5. I must have misread. I thought you meant hes their equal at this moment, which would be completely absurd. But in the future, yes that's entirely possible.
  6. Happ over Bregman and Benny. His bat is already better than Heywards. Do some you guys even think before you type this kind of sh*t? We're supposed to be exchanging info and opening each other's eyes to players/situations. When you throw out opinions that are about as true as Harry Potter novels, you aren't helping anyone.
  7. Depend in on settings of course. Not saying he's not worth owning in all leagues obviously. Not factoring in batting average, that's a different animal.
  8. Don't need listen to the marks. He's far from must own in any league.
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