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  1. I regret nothing. Better to have Lav'd and lost, than never to have Lav'd at all. Disappointing for sure, but the train hasn't reached Drop City yet. On my bench until after we see how involved he is in the week 4 gameplan.
  2. Firing him up. He's hungry, they're ready to feed him, and there's nowhere on the field he can't eat. Embrace Risk with Lavisk, All Aboard for the Reward đźš‚
  3. I don't disagree, but the coaches have seen what he's capable of...that season ending game vs Chiefs in '18 (the 2TD performance shown above) comes to mind. They know he's a dynamic playmaker, he's just struggled to remain healthy and consistently produce. Part of that is on his QBs—Rivers is a future HoF'er but let's not pretend he wasn't throwing dead duck INTs all season last year, and Tyrod isn't the thrower that will capitalize on MW's versatility as much as others would. I believe the LAC staff knows what they have in MW, and it's just up to others on the roster to execute their rol
  4. It was 3 years ago, but yeah 7th overall. I don't think it's a "changing of the guard" necessarily because they are two very different WRs with different skill sets and roles in the offense. MW's physicality, catch radius and speed make him an over-the-top threat, while KA is one of the NFL's best route runners and a magnet for intermediate passes. MW might outperform KA in standard leagues this year, but KA will remain a PPR monster for the foreseeable future. Tyrod's not the best thrower, but I didn't hear great things coming out of camp about Justin Herbert either—he clearly has
  5. I might feel comfortable trading Reagor for MW on my roster, mostly because of Reagor's competition for targets. Wentz is the better QB but Ertz and Jackson are there, and no doubt Wentz will force feed the ball to Jeffery once he's back in the lineup (looks to be within the next couple of weeks). Meanwhile, MW only competes with K.Allen and H.Henry for downfield looks, and their route trees are very different—MW has carved out a specific starting role in that offense, so I like his upside ROS compared to Reagor, who has needed injuries to starters (while fighting his own) to get on the f
  6. Even with enough time to throw, I don't think TT looked great. Plus the O-line just took a huge hit and lost their starting center (Pouncey) for the season, so there will no doubt be an adjustment period with his replacement. MW's seasonal outlook is capped by those two factors for now, no doubt. I'm only starting him this week because I'm projected to lose big (thanks to Chubb's TNF numbers last night), the waiver wire is thin, and I need the upside. Despite loving MW's potential, I'm not sure I'd recommend spending a waiver pick on him, especially if you like the rookies you've alr
  7. Those kinds of throws are at least somewhat mitigated by MW's skill set...Tyrod may not throw the prettiest ball, but MW has an insane catch radius—plus don't forget that future HoF'er Rivers was chucking up interceptable dead ducks all season last year, so I don't consider Tyrod a massive downgrade that MW has to adjust to. Bottom line, he's the primary vertical threat and the likely gamescript means more opportunities for him to make plays as the Chargers try (and probably fail) to keep pace with KC. Now he's feeling faster and more explosive? Against a depleted secondary?? Sign me up.
  8. Had my doubts about Kyler as a pro QB, but I took Fitz in late rounds on multiple teams on the chance KM ended up being for real. Obviously the first 3 quarters pretty much confirmed my doubts (9-for-25, 75 yds, INT), but shewww the way he composed himself and sizzled during that 4th quarter and OT was impressive. Ultimately, having a veteran and consummate pro like Fitz with sticky hands who still runs crisp routes, catching good throws from a #1 NFL draft pick at QB, in a pass happy offense? Doesn't seem like such a risky late round flyer at the moment.
  9. I'm intentionally keeping it private so no one can join without paying. As I posted, standard/default scoring for ESPN PPR. 8/10 paid, only 2 spots left!
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