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  1. who are you dropping a player to pickup ? My initial thought was Rawls because the RB situation in Seattle stinks.
  2. I would make the trade for Julio , buying low on him right now. I would also make the trade mentioned above if you are playing for this year.
  3. Thanks Crafty , I looked at the numbers again and was surprised that the Ravens run D is so bad.
  4. I would do this deal, chances are that Mixon is worth more ROS
  5. Bump, WHIR , opinions appreciated
  6. looks like Brieda is going to get a larger share of touches in SF , I think that would be my pick
  7. I would run with Fuller, Watson loves slinging the ball to him and Cleveland's passing D is suspect.
  8. I would do the trade and bet on yourself making the playoffs with your other RBs
  9. Has to be Perine as he will be getting the full workload because Fat Rob is out again. Denver is going to stuff the Giants today
  10. I would say Perine since he will have the majority of workload today
  11. Jordan Howard versus Baltimore or Chris Hogan versus Jets , Will Help in return . Thanks !
  12. PRESS ACCEPT and sleep well. Ajayi will be coming back with a vengeance later this year.
  13. I agree with the above poster, would MUCH rather have Evans than Green, maybe wait a week to see if Zeke is suspended or go get Evans !
  14. I have a pretty strong team: Cousins, Mariota Ajayi, Fournette,Howard,Cohen,Kelley Antonio Brown, Michael Thomas, Hogan, Parker Ertz Broncos Tucker I will be streaming the 49ers since Broncos are on Bye, I dropped Carson since he went on IR, putting in for Deshaun Watson on waivers since Mariota is questionable and Cousins is on bye.
  15. I did think it was the OTHER Watson ! But would still do the deal. Ertz is going to be a top 5 TE in a year of problems at that position.
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