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  1. Luckily after a win this week I should have a playoff spot locked up at 6-6, even if I lose next week i should be fine because of points but I have scored the 2nd highest points at 1650 with 1680 points scored against me. Feel like every week my opponents have just went off... no margin for error on my end.
  2. Man, I hope Kelces boyfriend screws his azz as hard as he screwed me tonight. Lost 2 of my leagues with that last TD.
  3. I like Rodgers but both are doing great this year.
  4. Id roll with Smith. Possibly bad weather in CLE (again). Toss up here.
  5. awww sorry. Tough, I want to go Ridley but Cooper has a great matchup. Coin toss but Id go Ridley.
  6. Jakobi Meyers (@ Houston) Adrian Peterson (@ Cleveland) Gio Benard (@ Washington) Nyheim Hines (v Green Bay) Duke Johnson (v Patriots) DJ Chark (v Pittsburgh) Leave a Link will help out. Thanks
  7. Tempted to pick him up and plug him in with all the crazy weather in Cleveland/Green Bay. He's had 8 and 9 targets last few games... only 4 catches in both but TD in each.
  8. Imo. You gave up alot, Henry is a beast but doesn't get much in the passing game. If you are a lock for the playoffs then you may be good as his schedule is money. Carson will be back next week, Hunt is better with Chubb active, and Boyd has been pretty good. I do love some King Henry but next 2 are tough sledding, hate the TD vultures last 2 weeks.
  9. I'd probably go QB. You have enough weapons at WR. AROB does have a nice schedule. Either way you should be ok. Brady has been good but not great, inconsistent, Goff is the same. Kyle Murray is who I'd target, schedule isn't breezy but his rushing and scrambling makes it very hard for defenses to contain him, his floor so far has been 25 pts this season... may have to pay up but this is all my opinion, do what you think is best to better your team.
  10. I would go John Brown, it pains me to say this because I am going against him in my top league ... so I am hoping for a mediocre showing but with my luck this year this is the game I get pushed out of the playoff race. I cant trust Ballage with Pope back and Kelley still involved. Shepard will get targets but you need that big play potential and Jones just hasnt balled out... yet but Washington is tough.
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