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  1. 12 team 0.5 ppr QB: Brady RB: Cook, Taylor WR: Adams, Beasley, M. Williams FLEX: Swift TE: Hock DEF: TB K: Sanders Bench: JuJu, David Johnson, Fournette, C. Davis, Pollard, MVS Currently up 49 pts. and I still have Beasley left and my opponent has the Bills DEF left.
  2. The coach totally lost that game by not continuing to feed Taylor.
  3. Will they have to throw the ball a lot though? They have King Henry against one of the worst rushing Defenses and the weather is going to be more suited to a ground and pound game. I'm just really worried about him dropping a goose egg. I have M. Williams and T. Johnson on the bench and if K. Allen is out I might be very tempted to put one of those guys in for Davis.
  4. Guess I can't be too greedy, but I sure do wish Brady played a little in the 3rd quarter, he would of had at least another TD. Also, sucks that I went from getting a 10 pt bonus for a TB Def shutout to only a 4 pt bonus because of that stupid punt return. Again I guess I can't complain too much getting 12 points outta my DEF. Too bad Swift and Hock didn't get any garbage time points to make up for Brady getting pulled at Halftime. Hopefully, a few players of my opponents players lays an egg too.
  5. The good news is I have Brady and Tampa D, but the bad news is I also have Swift and Hock. Hopefully Detroit can score once or twice next half to keep Brady in the game and hopefully some garbage points for Swift and Hock.
  6. Brown, congrats on having Kamara Help w/ mine
  7. I would go with Davis because he should get most of the work and the two other guys are in a timeshare. Help w/ mine
  8. I would put in Thomas for Allen because Allen may not even play and if he does it would be hard to trust him. I would stick with DJ. Help w/mine
  9. My lineup has done amazing the last two weeks, but this week most of my lineup has a terrible matchup. Brady, D. Adams and Hock are the only ones with a good matchup this week. My RB1, Cook went up against the #1 Run D and had a decent game but still underperformed by 5 points according to ESPN projections. My RB2, Taylor goes up against the #2 Rush D and although Pit has looked bad against the run the last couple of weeks because of injuries, I think they will have something to prove after getting embarrassed by the Bungles. My FLEX, Swift is going up against the #3 Rush D in Tampa. My W
  10. Especially when 9 of those points were on the first drive!
  11. But why was Boone out there and not Ccok? It's not like Cook just had a 50 yard run and needed a rest or got shaken up on the play before.
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