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  1. In my first round playoff game I thought I was one and done and instead came back from projected to lose by 60 in standard league (which is a huge margin) when at one point yahoo platform showed me with only a 1% chance of winning, but my team magically scored 7 quick TDs in 20 minutes (lead by Miles Sanders 82 yard TD and two Washington Defense TDs) in the late Sunday games. Then was in another big hole again this week and again thought it was all over....and then Jalen Hurst took my fantasy team on his shoulders and brought me to the championship game. Who would have thunk that being depende
  2. This is an awesome game! This is just what the fantasy playoffs need!
  3. Standard league--need 7.25 points from Dobbins. Hoping Harbaugh limits the backfield to mostly Dobbins or Dobbins and Edwards and doesn't keep with the ridiculous 4 running back timeshare where he likes to mix it up by bringing in Ingram for 2 yard carries (got a break up those chunk gains by Dobbins and Edwards with some plodder run to the first defender and fall down carries) on running downs and Justice Hill for illegal motion penalties on passing downs (why play a running back who can gain yardage on screens when you can go back 5 yards).
  4. Heh, I disagree. He was a disappointment all year, but I'd be one and done in the playoffs if I'd taken any of the better year round fantasy players I passed up to take him 🙂. Two more games like this and he's a league winner, not a bust! Giddy up!!
  5. Out of that list I like Fant the best. Good matchup against a defense that has struggled against TEs.
  6. Right Tackle Kaleb McGary is out for personal reasons. Does a weak offensive line mean more Hurst blocking?
  7. Not really stones but once I get past my first two RBs and first two WRs there's no one in the flex spot I'm comfortable with. Since they all have really low floors and none of them have great ceilings he's as good a nervous, unconfident start as any. In weeks 1 and 2 everybody stares at their lineup and smiles with confidence. This time of year, the reality of fantasy football is that with injuries and the like that you usually have at least one starter you're covering your eyes and dropping in there and saying 'oh crap, well here's hoping." Standard league, expecting 4, hoping for 12 🙂
  8. Tough call. New Orleans is a really tough defense against TEs and Hurts seemed to spread it around more than Wentz so I think its not as simple as starting the better player (Goedert). I might go with the matchup and the weaker player and suggest Hurst.
  9. Here's what a probably one and done in the playoffs team looks like. 8-5 record, 4th place finish, 12 team standard league. QB-Carr WR-Jefferson WR-Chark RB-Cook RB-Booker (or Sanders if Jacobs plays for LV) Flex-Dobbins TE-Goedert K-Lutz DEF-Washington Bench WRs-Higgins, Patrick Bench RBs-Sanders, Harris, Edwards, Pollard
  10. He's playing against the Titans terrible secondary in week 14. In 12 team standard league that's enough to make the cut as my last starter. I won't play him against Baltimore or Chicago but when you get past the dozen or so set and forget WRs, most of the WR3 types are matchup dependent.
  11. Even though Wentz throws to TEs a lot, I don't see much upside in starting the #2 TE on a team (who is averaging a little over 7 yards a catch on the half of the balls that he catches) on a bad offense with a bad QB and who had just one TD in 6 games before being slowed further by injury. Ertz is the TE equivalent of AJ Green. A washed pass catcher with a bad QB on a bad offense who is rostered because of his past, more than his present.
  12. Heh, we have a lot of the same players. I have the same decision at Flex and I'm starting Dobbins (but I like them both). I'm also starting Goedert at TE. I don't think Ertz will be as much of a factor as people fear. Ertz wasn't very productive the 6 games he played before he got hurt (29 yards per game, 7 yards per catch, only one TD in 6 games) so I think he's the #2 TE on Philly and not the 1A or 1B. Ertz will take over the Richard Rodgers role not the Goedert role.
  13. If you have someone to drop yes. Late games can be useful for flyers.
  14. Forget the name and past years, Ertz is the #2 TE on a team with Carson Wentz struggling at QB (though TE seems to be the one position still of value in that trainwreck of a passing game). Prior to his injury Ertz was averaging less than 30 yards per game and had one TD in 6 games and his average yards per catch was 7 to 8 yards which means there's not much upside and you're hoping he falls into the endzone on one of his 7 to 8 yard catches (and he needs about 7 targets for 4 catches with Wentz's inefficiency). I think Goedert is the top TE in Philly and Ertz is a distant second, but even the
  15. Start him. With Taysom in, he's not the surefire high end RB1 you drafted but he's still a quality start in the barren landscape that is the fantasy RB pool. As bad as the "I have Kamara" problem is right now, the "I don't have Kamara" problem everyone else has is still worse. A high end RB2 with RB1 upside (which is what he has dropped to) would look awfully good if only it wasn't someone you were expecting to be one of the top 2 or 3 players in all of fantasy.
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