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  1. Dorsett, Fant. I don't think u should play Agholor when u r playing Alshon already in ur WR position. Howard's ceiling's higher no doubt but his floor of 6 pts might just be same as Fant who u said have a better match up.
  2. I would rather scramble for WRs than RBs. This deal gave away the best player which is u and I personally wouldn't do it. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/768232-leaguemates-gone-mad-about-this-trade-whir/
  3. I would ask for more so adding Penny for Breida would be a better deal. Breida is such a headache to own even with Coleman out he didn't get those meaningful touches that sets him apart from Mostert and Wilson.
  4. What's ur team look like? I would rather u drop someone else
  5. Looks like Barkley might just beat even the minimum 4 wk timeline so it's a strong hold unless it's a lopsided deal to ur favor
  6. Given the most recent Barkley's news from 8wks at most to now 4 wks at most with him out of boots jogging or running already then yes I would.
  7. Damien had a full practice yesterday. Darrel will go back to being 3rd in line most likely but if Damien or McCoy ever sit again u know Darrel will have a pretty good role and produce. So if u need a WR than sure but is the Browns gonna stay running with Chubb or short pass to Landry? Who knows.
  8. Team 1 (3-1) trade Mark Andrews+Devonta Freeman for Team B (2-2) Kelce Votes split half, I have final say as the commissioner. I personally wouldn't make the trade but I'm leaning towards letting it through but I need y'all to share your POV other than the typical all trades should go through unless collusion which is 99% impossible to prove or the both owner wants the deal. A little background of team 1, 1st time fantasy player. Team 2, mainly DFS player but did have experience with season long. Team 1 QB-Wilson, Winston RB-CMC, Gordon, Mack, D.Freeman WR-Allen, Fitz
  9. ESPN 12 Team 0.5 PPR QB: L.Jackson RB: D.Will, D.Mont, M.Sanders, Penny, Breida, J.Hill, D.Thompson WR: D.Hop, OBJ, Allison, Moncrief TE: Kittle DEF: PAT K:
  10. Jacobs...you are putting a lot on the line if GB offence isn't clicking with new coach and AJ average below his efficiency without an increase with his receptions
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