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  1. Damien had a full practice yesterday. Darrel will go back to being 3rd in line most likely but if Damien or McCoy ever sit again u know Darrel will have a pretty good role and produce. So if u need a WR than sure but is the Browns gonna stay running with Chubb or short pass to Landry? Who knows. 


  2. Team 1 (3-1) trade Mark Andrews+Devonta Freeman for Team B (2-2) Kelce

    Votes split half, I have final say as the commissioner. I personally wouldn't make the trade but I'm leaning towards letting it through but I need y'all to share your POV other than the typical all trades should go through unless collusion which is 99% impossible to prove or the both owner wants the deal. A little background of team 1, 1st time fantasy player. Team 2, mainly DFS player but did have experience with season long.

    Team 1 

    QB-Wilson, Winston

    RB-CMC, Gordon, Mack, D.Freeman

    WR-Allen, Fitz, Alshon, Hollywood, DeMarcus

    TE-Andrews, Walker

    Pat's D

    Team 2

    QB-Rivers, K.Allen, Brees

    RB-Jacobs, Carson, Breida, Ballage

    WR-Adams, Sutton, Hardman, Fuller



  3. If u r in keeper or dynasty then there shouldn't be a problem i believe although I've never play in those type of leagues but if u play in the regular league i think it's essential to not drop or add players when u r out. Reason being is that it'll signifcantly lower the chance of possible collusion when between 2 ppl if 1 is in the playoff n the other isn't then the one isn't in the playoff picking up a viable player that's going up against his friend then it help his friend by lowering the chances of his opponent of winning

  4. 1 minute ago, zen25 said:

    I have M Gordon.

    Would not trade him for anyone, now that Zeke is out.


    McCoy does not have good oline, Tyrod runs well like an RB.

    Shady did not even get touches last game, he took forever to score his first TD.

    you are not worry about his turf toe? 

  5. Who would u guys rank ahead of Gordon the ROS? I am worry about his turf toe that it could linger through out the season. His 80+ yard TD was nice but he got caught up by Malcolm Butler who ran 4.62 and Gordon 4.52 so maybe the toe is slowing him down cuz he look kinda slow all the way through the side line to the endzone

  6. For people who are on mobile here is my squad


    ESPN 10 Team Full PPR 1PT Per Rec 6PT/TD


    QB: Wilson, Mariota, Cousins

    RB: Elliott, DMC, McKinnon, Mixon, Martin, Mack

    WR: Julio, M.Thomas, C.Davis

    TE: Gronk, Henry, Davis

    DEF: Phi

    K: n/a


    5-3 right now 

    Here's my thinking. I wanna make this trade since I am getting a top notch RB but by doing this I am significantly diminishing my chance of winning this week and helping my opponent that I am playing  for next week which is the guy that I am trying to make this trade with. If I do this trade, it means that I am start DMC and Mack as my RBs then Davis as my flex which all 3 are dicey. Another reason I want to make this trade is I want to pick up Woodhead and a kicker for this week so I need to empty out 2 roster spots. The fact is I might end up 5-5 in 2 weeks but with Gordon as the RB1 since I lost Zeke I will have the best squad in the league for the ROS and the Playoffs. What yall think? Should I make the trade?

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