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  1. Would anyone here rather have Carson than Mixon? Just as bad of an Oline, Wilson is better QB than Dalton, team's WR Cin is better, Def Sea is a bit better as well. So who would you rather have ROS? Still Mixon? Not trying to talk s--- about Mixon cuz I am having the same question in the Carson thread too. Just trying to see if its worth to trade my Carson for Mixon that's all.
  2. In a statistic I read somewhere it stated that in 2 games this season DAL have gone 93% pass, 7% run inside opponent's 15 yard line VS. in 2016 they ran 52% of the time. As you can see the upstick in Bryant's RZ targets. Any worries for Zeke?
  3. Like I said in the title, is it worth it? I think most of yall would say no but what if I add Rudolph and get Walker the it'll be worth it right?I am trying to dump the Vikings offence since Bradford might have trouble with his knee all season long n the usage of Rudolph n Julio have me worry. Hyde is an injury risk even tho he's been quite good. Fournette is an injury risk too so they both r pretty equal to me. I've state that I have M.Bryant too so I might trade him as well. What yall think? WHIR
  4. Wonder what everyone thinks about this now? Not trying to say who was right or wrong but just after tonight's game did it change ur mind about your perception of Hunt?
  5. I have a similar question so you can check out my post. let me know what you think
  6. So then I guess is you think my trade is no good right?
  7. Let say that no RBs are coming to KC then how do you feel about Hunt VS. Cook then?
  8. Look man I really do appreciate ur help with my question but I don't deserve this kind of talk from u so please excuse urself from any further comments that u might feel obligated to contribute. Thank You
  9. You know that doesn't really help me without reasonable explanation. I rather take a poll if that's what I wanted. No offense
  10. He drafted Hunt where Cook is only 3 picks behind so he want Hunt knowing he won't have Cook
  11. Well thank you for that, that's another way I can look at it but what about Hunt isn't a 3 down back tho?
  12. Well I admit that most of what I know is from the media so u r right on about that. So what makes Hunt not a 3 down back with only West behind him and with Cook, MIN pay tons of money cuz Murray GL prowess and much bigger but then again a much better line in OAK so unless Murray fail miserably to convert I don't see how that's not Murray's job to keep. This is all base on the depth chart after all the trades movement that happened today.
  13. Haha, u know its funny that everyone passed on him. Bilal was in mid to late 5th taken around mid 8th. Personally, I don't know if he'll have better #s than Cook by season end and now Forte isn't traded or cut and being on the worst team is also why I don't like him but he was tells value tho at the 8th
  14. Yeah? What u like about Cook tho compare to what I've said earlier vs Hunt cuz Hunt obviously in a better situation but I say Cook is a better talent with GL vulture and McKinnon is still behind
  15. Cuz the person that have Hunt could've drafted Cook. So he think Hunt is better
  16. So someone drafted Cook before u? When was the draft?
  17. Oh wow, the legendary elf. Always read ur comments on this forum with good insights. Here my take on Hunt, to me he's a little less talented than Cook but what I like about him is like I said the situation he's in, KC just let go of Spiller today that leaves West as the back up. Personally idk if KC will bring anymore RB for depth in the future but they only have 2 RBs that's it so workload is ideal for a bellcow add on the history of usage of previous Reid's RBs with an average to above average Oline and above average defense. Now Cook on the other hand is not handling GL at the moment and mc
  18. I really appreciate ur opinion on helping my question but to say someone is going to finish the season overall #1 WR and OBJ is gonna be trouble by injuries all season with Marshall taking over it all just sounds like bold predictions to me which that's pretty much what we all do here but u still didn't give me actually datas, stats, situations and precedents to back this up. Would u feel at all a bit more confident about making a trade if I tell u what u told me. Again, I am not trying to offend u in anyway and if u feel that way then I apologize in advance.
  19. I'm not quite sure what u mean can u give me more info on how this would be a suicide move tho. My concerns are at the 5th post as I stated that the drop off between Julio to OBJ is much closer than Hunt to Cook. I can see some people are worry about OBJ's ankle since there wasn't much news on it but Julio also have a foot problem himself as well and he seems to allegic to the endzone consider his 1st rd price tag. Not trying to challenge u, I just need more reasoning behind it. That's all
  20. Gurley has to be in this trade pretty much + plus Jeffery is good and then ask for his 3rd best WR should be a decent start but I know for me of I am OBJ owner I wouldn't do the trade tho but if u add Martin then I'll do it then maybe its a lot for u to give up as well
  21. Drop Sherpard get Hooper or Kupp. I might drop Lacy too to pick up the 2
  22. I am guessing you are asking people to rate your team right? 7 or 8 Absolutely love your Rbs, Savage to me isn't a capable QB to give DHOP the volume for him to have 2015 stats. Alshon is quite injury prone with soft tissues. KB could have a better year than last but let see how they deploy CMC. Marshall is a wild card to me with no run game in NY and Eli slinging it he could return value where he's being drafted. I have Zeke too praying for an overturn or dragging it till next season
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