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  1. It seems like Hunt's situation is much better right now right? Spiller just got cut KC only carrying 2 RBs now with C.West as the handcuff Reid has done wonders for Rookie RBs, play in a offense that's on par compare to the Vikings and both have a great Defense. Now with Cook he's probably a better talent with his college tape but preseason I'll say Hunt was a better performer. Murray might be over with injury and might took him a couple of games to have an impact but I don't see how he doesn't get the majority of the GL at least and with McKinnon don't know what is role will be. Another major
  2. I'm trying to swing a trade for Kareem Hunt, wondering what would you guys thinks about which combo would be enticing? I was thinking my Julio + Cook for His OBJ + Hunt. Thoughts? WHIR My team in sig HIs team QB: Stafford, Luck RB: Ajayi, Hunt, Powell, White, Charles WR: OBJ, D.Hop, Landry, Robinson, K.White TE: Reed, Brate DEF: Den K: Bailey
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