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  1. Im interested. I also sent an email. gmurani@gmail.com
  2. 1pt PPR Team A trades J. Jones, McLaurin, Coleman, Dissly Team B trades C. Carson, Michel, Cooks, Olsen --------- Team A Prescott, Brissett Damien Williams, Tevin Coleman, C. Thompson, Darrel Williams, Mattison J. Jones, Beckham, Godwin, Boyd, McLaurin Dissly, Waller Team B Wentz, Goff D. Cook, C. Carson, Melvin Gordon, Michel, Pollard Cooks, Fuller, C. Samuel, Desean Jackson, Tyrell Williams Olsen, Njoku
  3. So ESPN just let a guy make a waiver claim with a healthy player in the IR slot. I thought that was supposed to be blocked until he removed the player from IR? So now he made the top claim for a RB with FAAB while having Melvin Gordon on the IR over night. Should I bring this up to him? There were 5 other claims for this player. I'm expecting one or two guys that lost the claim to reach out to me about it.
  4. I need some RB help. This guy wants Julio Straight up for Melvin Gordon. He said that's his deal. Not interested in anything else. Am I crazy for considering it? Full PPR My Team: Dak, Brissett Damien Williams, Darrel Williams, C. Thompson, Tevin Coleman, Malcolm Brown J. Jones, Beckham, Boyd, Godwin, McLaurin Dissly, Waller His Team: Brady, Carr Gurley, Ingram, Gordon, McCoy, Gore Diggs, Ross, Dorsett, Mike Williams, Curtis Samuel, Tyreek Hill Austin Hooper
  5. I like it. Damien Williams is a headache and you'll feel relief not having to deal with what's quickly becoming a "Patriots backfield" situation.
  6. I currently have: Damien Williams, Darrel Williams, Chris Thompson, Tevin Coleman, Malcolm Brown. Mattison is currently on the WW and I really want to add him as a stash. Is it worth dropping any of these guys to add him? Full PPR
  7. 12 team full pt PPR and I'm currently looking at 40% for Brown and close to 30% on Thompson. My RB depth needs a major overhaul and this is the only way I see a guarantee. Spend big early...why wait? There's only scraps later on.
  8. The team that's 4-5 traded away Acuna, Caleb Smith and Villar. The team that's 5-4 traded away Gleyber Torres and JA Happ. How is this a fair trade?
  9. Interested if any teams still left. gmurani@gmail.com
  10. I'm interested but for some reason can't send emails. My email is gmurani@gmail.com
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