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  1. I guess the Bills gameplan of not covering Kelce hasnt worked out.
  2. Brady is Las Vegas bound you heard it here first
  3. I dont see the Chiefs stopping Henry. No way no how
  4. Jimmy Grahams catch was an obvious forst down. He was on top of the defender. He wasnt downed until he was past the sticks. The ChickenHawks suck Russell Wilson is overrated get over it.
  5. Houston still has a shot. Dont forget Andy Reid is coaching the Chiefs. But can Bob get it done? Doubtful
  6. This feels like the end of the cheatriots cheater dynasty
  7. I wanted to see the lunatic get taken out.
  8. I feel the same way he passes the eye test. The officials seem to hate the Raiders today
  9. Pretty sure they are playing for a playoff home game
  10. Pretty sure Crosby and Rodgers got wasted before the game
  11. Same here unless Brees can throw up a 40 burger tommorow.
  12. Im thinking this morning. My opponent is so desperate he is starting Kenyon Drake in the semis.
  13. Right, wouldnt want to use your big athletic Tight end in the redzone. That would be way to obvious
  14. Im assuming anyone who drafted players from either team isnt in the playoffs
  15. Not watching the game but nobody is doing anything on niners offense
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