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  1. How's the weather for Cinci, Detroit wrs?? How's the weather for Kansas City kickers??
  2. Ertz http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690024-wr-help-championship-whir/
  3. I think go with Gordon mainly for his upside, I think he and Crabtree offer around the same floor this week. Dance with the one who brought you defense wise. Roll with the Jags so then you can cheer for Gordon whole heartedly. ^ I like Olsen this week for sure. Hope for a repeat of last week or better. Please help: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690024-wr-help-championship-whir/
  4. Need to start 3 of these in .5 PPR: Golden Tate Dez Bryant Demaryius Thomas Josh Gordon Keelan Cole You picked a fine time to leave me Antonio Brown, 3 hungry children and crops in the field... You get the point. Thank you and WHIR!!!
  5. I started Hunt in one league and went up against him in another one. Kind of mixed emotions... I am confident that I have some elite talent as well on my team that is playing against Hunt, so really all I need is one wr or rb of mine to match Hunt and it is back to a crapshoot. With Kamara, Hyde, Julio, Thielen, and Baldwin/Josh Gordon, I still like my odds. Plus, I'm holding both the jags and ravens def so either could put up monster points this week.
  6. Gordon is elite and that's that. Julio just proved over the last 2 weeks how much an elite talent's point totals can still fluctuate. I definitely believe Gordon is a top 10 talent without a doubt in his current state. Pair him with an elite QB and we are talking top 2 or 3, F it, he would be numbero uno. Book it. Regardless, he is a great asset and I love having him on my teams in the playoffs.
  7. If he goes off ROS, I am naming next child Gordy in honor of him. I am subsequently legally renaming my other 3 children Josh, Joshua, and Ezekial ( in memory of me busting a nut all over the team that drafted Ezekial Elliot).
  8. So, if they choose to ease him in, we are still looking at 150 yds and 2 tds, right?
  9. 2 NFL careers were lost today, Peterman's and McDermott's
  10. I'm have Julio and Baldwin as wr1 and 2 this week in a must win game..... Should I go ahead and forfeit?
  11. He picked up Aaron Rodgers as backup in the playoffs (flex league). He is squarely in first with Gurley and Hunt at RB. I was surprised as well. He is loaded at WR. His backup RB is Ajayi. Who would you rather be holding heading into the playoffs, Duke Johnson or Marshawn Lynch?
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