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  1. He has literally attempted 1 free throw in the past 2 weeks. One single free throw attempt. One. He could have missed his lone attempt and not "hurt" your ft%. I play 8 cat, he's 103rd over the past 2 weeks.
  2. Are we done with fantasy advice in here now? I guess this is just a place to cry and mourn your losses now. Anger is the 2nd stage of grief and loss, I suppose I get it.
  3. He's hurting my fantasy team, I assure you...and when I think about the guys I could have had, say Zach Lavine, Vucevic, Doncic..to name a few, it hurts even worse. And in my 8 cat weekly he's returning 9th round value, not 6th. Im usually very patient, I am sure he will be better than this, but there is definitely cause for concern that he will not deliver on his adp.
  4. Time to panic. Ive owned him 3 years in a row in my main redraft. 2nd half of last year I said I wasn't drafting him again this year, then there he was at the end of the 4th and I couldn't help myself. I would sell low if someone sent me a legitimate offer.
  5. Im not disagreeing with you, they write some dumb stuff...and this drop probably happened in less than 1% of leagues, but there is this...
  6. 9.5pts, 3 reb, 3 ast, 1.2 3's, 1 stl, .5 blk, 45% fg, 75% ft. Enjoy
  7. If they are truly committed to tanking shouldn't Kanter and Burke get all the minutes they can handle? They have been much better defensively, way more competitive, and have even won 2 of the last 3 with Robinson/Ntilkina in the starting lineup.
  8. Wow. This is embarrassing for Deandre. You know its bad when you get a reaction like that from your own bench.
  9. Maybe Wall should be the one less worried about his shots and more worried about getting someone other than Beal involved.
  10. Maybe Otto should be worried about his shots. This core has been together long enough with an unselfish Porter to realize they aren't going to win a championship this way. Maybe its time he does get selfish cause he realizes it would give them a better chance. They are wasting his talents, he would be a star on most other teams and he knows it. Im praying for a trade, but its so unlikely.
  11. Lol, some of you guys take these boards way too seriously.
  12. NFL needs to get their s**t together. All the ridiculous roughing the passer penalties they've called that have been completely clean then they don't call a flag on this play where the defender clearly lowers his head and leads with his helmet as hard as he possibly can right into the side of Amari's head. Absolutely ridiculous there was no penalty called.
  13. Remember when Yankees monument park was right in the middle of center field?
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