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  1. The only reason I would see the Niners taking a rb is they need to free up roster spots to strengthen other areas. Having 5 rb's on the roster is a luxury which means you can't add depth in other positions that you may want. The rb depth was needed because their injury rate was high. Maybe they gamble they need less depth moving forward. Shanny in my view was fortunate that 3 of his rb's he could use on special teams but I am not sure that can continue going forward; particularly with Breidas potential contract.
  2. I think he would be a better fit on the chargers, Detroit, Miami, Redskins,Bengals or Denver as places he could win outright in camp or takeover during the season. Cam is a big personality, much bigger than Gronk's craziness (and there were reports early in his career how that party boy persona conflicted with the organization) I just don't see him meshing well with the Patriots culture. I know a personal friend of Cam newton and I was told the Cam we see with the fancy clothes and head scarves is the real Cam and he won't tone it down for anyone.
  3. Thompson wont return, they signed JD Mkissick
  4. I think Crowder will be the wr to own in this offense. I think the jets will be playing from behind a lot with Gase as the HC for Perriman to be more fantasy relevant than robby was last season
  5. Someone who won;t help Russell Wilson much on a run first offense
  6. My takeaway is Tampa could have kept the continuity of their offense , saved $10mm year, put Winston on a prove it $20mm contract and done a better job of calling the plays that he was strongest and fewer where he was weakest. 😉
  7. but he is the ONLY one excludng the TE's. . .why sign dorsett when you have a big and fast target like Perriman available too? We saw how well he performed when Winston would chuck it to him.
  8. I think we are in agreement on understanding how the new data could affect the team and individual players direction
  9. If it's the same old Arians system that Palmer and Winston ran, I'm buying Brady as a starter for my team until he breaks 😉
  10. But Brady's focus is on getting up to speed on the Bucs' system and immersing himself in their culture -- from learning coach Bruce Arians' playbook to knowing the preferences of wide receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. 👆 No mention of the TE's 😂
  11. it's not me coming around, it's the facts that change the situation. My fantasy view is always based on what the facts are vs what they could be 😂 The fact is the Niners did not upgrade their WR room, Travis Benjamin is not on the same level of a Sanders and if Pettis is on the trading block as reported that again reduces the available talent in the wr room and tells you that Shanny does not value him as an important piece of the offense. I also look at these wr moves with keeping mckinnon as them not opening up the passing game even more but strengthining their already dominant inte
  12. If Tom Brady walked down the middle of Fifth Avenue he could shoot someone. . . and no one would recognize him 🤣
  13. If anyone remembers bridegewater from his Minn starts, he is not a runner or a deep ball thrower he was in my opinion the ultimate game manager in terms of he didnt make a lot of mistakes and executed the way the coaches wanted. So I'm not excited about him as a difference making streamer.
  14. Sanders gone + Travis Benjamin incoming and Petis ont the trading block shifts the arrow to up for Deebo. 😆
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