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  1. I'll email the people who have responded to this tomorrow now that ESPN has finished its fantasy baseball maintenance. I'll invite the people who respond to the e-mail. I'll probably cap the league at 12 or 14 teams, first come first serve.
  2. Looks like we have lots of interest. I've been debating whether or not this should be a money league. If the majority of people want it, we can do it. If so, $50 per person seems enough. I've never done a money league before so I'm not sure how the mechanics of that would work.
  3. I'm looking to start a dynasty baseball league from scratch. The league would be on ESPN, H2H categories. League size I'd prefer either 10, 12, or 14 depending on interest. Roster size somewhere between 30-35 major league players and minor league rosters between 15-20. Standard categories plus Holds, OPS, OBP, K/BB We would hold an offline minor league draft before the live major league draft. Also, we'd hold a 2 round draft to pick players from the June draft each year. I'm open to hearing feedback on league rules and the setup, then possi
  4. Would you consider making the major league draft live? If so, I'm looking to join/create a league with the same structure.
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