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  1. As a Giants fan im excited to see Wentz throw up on the field during the SB against the Pats.
  2. Running out of time for Pats offense points before they salt the game away. This might be the last drive for receivers/TE/Brady to do damage.
  3. Older guy with potential brain/neck injury. Better safe than sorry I guess.
  4. Bad optics but most of those seats are probably purchased in some fashion, even if people arent going.
  5. God forbid Gronk gets ONE end zone look on the 6 times theyve been down there.
  6. Broncos take up 8 minites on the opening ******** drive and the TD goes to the guy im going against. Come on.
  7. So its going to be one of those games where Brady gets down to the 15 yardline and fails everytime again until the game is out of reacch. Cool.
  8. As a Gronk and Brady owner on 1 hand im upset since it was a catch on another they wouldve just run it in.
  9. Throw the ******** ball to gronk instead of dicking around to dwayne allen cmon.
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