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  1. im up 91-70 He has Aaron Jones and Vikings D I have Boone. I guess im the favourite
  2. sit it out Hill, u balled out, get rested
  3. Man wtf happened to this guy? Hidden injury?
  4. ofc i had to swap jets D with houston D, bunch of morons
  5. Buckle up guys, sharing my rollercoaster season. Its definitely a good one Drafted 1/1, Barkley, thought he is gonna be my absolute golden ticket. At this point I'd consider him one of the biggest busts. (for his price, he basically gave you 4 potential week winning performance, all other times he dissappointed you and yes I count in the injury too) Drafted Juju, bust again Drafted Mike Evans and Derrick Henry... These guys kept the hope, although Evans was inconsistent with the emergence of Godwin. Drafted Cam Newton... whelp Drafted Sony Michel.... whelp?
  6. anyone playing him this week? I got him over Deebo and AJ brown in my lineup. Last week those drops were brutal, would have been good if he catches 2 more passes out of 4.
  7. same thing, Nuk PId again by peters, nothing called. TRASH2x
  8. Ive never started tyrell on his td weeks, only recently when i sent juju to the bench in favor of him, he is killing me
  9. hard to see my team being a dumpster fire year after year after year after year. Also, ive seen lesser "catches" not being overturnt than Ryan's
  10. Everyone be praising NE defense that they take away opponents biggest strength. SO i mean, their previous teams best strenghts were??? Davante Parker? LevBell behind a sh**ty line, rookie terry mclauren, *whatever the Giants have*(no barkley that game), Josh Allen and OBJ who isnt really doing much this year (chubb ran all over em)? Tts42572 says he needs 100 yards rushing and a TD to be solid? So thats 16 points, absolutely solid... but you gotta have some additional passing yards right? That takes you way over 20 points. I wouldnt be mad if he finishes somewhere around 60-75
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