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  1. Critical matchup to move onto finals tonight. I have a 13 point lead. My opponent has the pittsburgh defense. WSIS (0.5 ppr) Giovanni Bernard (or any of the cincy running backs not named Mixon) Anthony McFarland Leave a link and I WHIR
  2. Wsis Lynn bowden v new england wayne gallman v. Cleveland full ppr with bonuses for 150 yards and 40+ yard touchdowns WHIR leave a link
  3. DAllas Goedart or Noah Fant Full PPR with bonuses for 150 yards, and 40+ tds Leave a link and I WHIR.
  4. Agreed that they do not like Kelley. Has ballage been called up yet?
  5. Not saying he is the best bet to do anything, but the best bet to have any role whatsoever.
  6. So basically our worst fears realized. Can't drop him, but can't play him either So who wins the battle? Guessing Kelley is the best bet to have any role, but has Ballage been recalled? Any word on Pope?
  7. I think everyone has come to realize that Zeke will no longer be a top 5 RB and that he has 0 trade value because of his offense. That said last game provided a lot of positives to take away. The Cowboys O-Line is getting healthier going into a bye. There seems to be a competent QB between Dalton and Gilbert. Zeke is still being fed a work horse workload. He may not have upside moving forward, but he should still be a solid starter.
  8. Green but i would not drop any of those help me plz
  9. Pollard since hes gonna get 100% of the work Help me plz
  10. 10 team Full ppr with milestone bonuses for 40 yd tds and 150 rushing/receiving i get noah fant i give deejay dallas Qb: Justin Herbert Rb; james robinson justin jackson ezekiel elliot deejay dallas giovani bernard gus edwards wr: tyreek hill allen robinson will fuller dj moore amari cooper sterling shepherd te: evan engram dallas goedart austin hooper def tampa bay need wins and pts due yo my record whir
  11. While they arent world beaters, they may take 5-10 touches
  12. I mean they literally had no one else last week
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