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  1. Lazard is gold in any dynasty league. He was hurt a lot this year and the only things holding him back is an up and down MVS and the emergence of Robert Tonyan. Adams will always be Adams. tonyan is the TE we have been looking for a long time. Didn’t get it with the signing of jimmy graham. Quite frankly, the entire offense in the RZ would be iffy outside Adams on who would get the TD. They signed Funchess to be the big body guy at the goal line but he opted out. Tonyan has the chemistry with Rodgers. lazard will be great next year when 100% healthy. I think they resign Aar
  2. Glad I am starting trubisky in a dart throw. Of course against Detroit’s terrible run defense, they get 3 rushing tds in one half. the last time they had 3 rushing tds in a game might of been during the forte era
  3. Didn’t see it but it must have been brutal to have a DQ for both players. At least I got 72 and a TD before that crap. Add another player to a horrible year for me
  4. Dobbins. don’t like Booker that much. Richard is there I believe and will take all the passes away from him. gallman against a tough d
  5. Chark i trust Glennon more than baker believe it or not!
  6. Copper and Juju easyyyy especially with tua starting now
  7. Trubisky been ok in FF- always a chance they put Foles in however wentz at GB- fairly good number FF wise. GB usually struggles against potential out of the pocket QBs
  8. Insert trubisky at superflex put Deebo at flex over Montgomery
  9. MT but close. I do t trust the dolphins run game vs any opponent!
  10. Gallman easy at rb Pittman at wr i actually like gostkowski this week
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