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  1. Fournette, I know it’s a rough matchup but he is a stud.
  2. I agree with Martin as well, I think Barber takes the job as well.
  3. Do I start Chris Hogan @Dolphins or Golden Tate. @Bucs? It’s first week of playoffs in my league and unfortunately the week has not started well for me due to the Kamara concussion. Thanks for the help, and please link me to your question.
  4. I also would start all those guys, but if your not comfortable with Ryan, I'd go with Winston.
  5. Anybody disagree with starting Goff? I was leaning that way, but wanted to ask the the audience so to speak. Thanks!
  6. Playoffs start this week in my league and I MUST win or I'm eliminated. Who are you starting? Matt Ryan vs Saints or Jared Goff vs Eagles? Thanks for the help!
  7. Over Sanders too, sorry forgot that part!
  8. I'm high on Lions receivers lately, I'm going with Marvin Jones Jr too. The Browns are good against the run, but terrible against the pass, I see a big day for Stafford, Jones Jr and Tate.
  9. I like Darkwa and I think he's probably the best FA in the list, I'd go with him and drop Denver D.
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