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  1. I need Ebron to give me 5 and 8 pts in two leagues...can anyone here spread the positivity and tell me there is a good chance he gets 9?
  2. Deforest Buckner will play for the colts defense which doesn’t bode well for DJ but buckner isn’t not 100%...still starting DJ
  3. Top waiver pick if Conner cannot suit up this week?
  4. Let’s all take a breather and realize that he played the full game without getting hurt...let’s also take into account that he will be ready to play the chargers this week which for most is a playoff week in fantasy.
  5. I’m starting Gio over people like Clyde and Duke. The matchup looks great and hoping he finally has a solid game.
  6. Watson will have to pass to keep the Texans in this one, would have to think Duke’s value goes up with cooks being out now..
  7. Colts have the last playoff spot currently at 8-4, raiders are at 7-5...this is a big game so if Jacobs is active I am going to ASSUME he is healthy enough to play. I know it’s a tough matchup but it’s hard to bench the guy.
  8. Wow...returned to practice limited! Firing him up if he is active..no doubt. Let’s see how tomorrow’s practice goes.
  9. This guy posted on Twitter soon after he made a mistake didn’t he regarding Jacobs?
  10. I’m playing him due to the upside...hoping he gets in tonight.
  11. Desperation play today but can’t ignore the fact that there is no RB’s in the backfield besides Gore. I could see the jets moving the ball through the air and ground, raiders aren’t good against the run.
  12. His targets are so low, he’s becoming a dart throw...anyone starting him tomorrow ?
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